Photo IDs Aren’t Just For People

In a touching story from a few years ago, we all learn that it doesn’t matter your position in life, everyone can wear a name tag!

To be easily identified in the hospital wards, Ralf, a Giant Schnauzer, must wear a Photo ID on his collar. Ralf has been working miracles by getting kids back on their feet after their operations. He sits with them during treatments or takes them on walks around The Royal Children’s Hospital.


An excerpt from Ralf, by Anne Crawford

therapy hospital dog wearing photo id name tag name badge“It was late March 2012 when Caroline Lovick discovered that the family pet, Ralf, a Giant Schnauzer, had become famous. Ralf was a ‘therapy dog’ at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, padding the wards every week with Caroline, visiting young patients who were ill and injured, helping in their recovery in often remarkable ways. A daily newspaper published a story on 20 March about the ‘miracle’ pooch and the effect he was having on children and adolescents, with a photo of a toddler, Zeke Harrison, who had a rare genetic disease, walking the corridors of the hospital next to the huge black dog. The article and picture of the chubby-legged infant wearing a nasal-gastric tube went from Melbourne to Sydney to newspapers in the United Kingdom and the US, and then spread on the internet. The story took off in Europe. Spain. Turkey. India. Chile. A German radio station sent a crew to Australia to record a show on Ralf. Dawn French, the British comedienne, posted Ralf on her Facebook page. A woman called Karla from Donegal sent him a gift of engraved dog tags on behalf of the people of Ireland. Caroline had always known that there was something special about the dog that looks you directly in the eyes from beneath his shaggy forelock and bushy brows with kind brown eyes. But she wasn’t prepared for this. Ralf had gone global.”

custom name tags name badges used as pet tags


All pets can have their own Photo ID or name tags. Design your own, or choose from a variety of stock name tags.

Name Tags and Spooky Holidays

Many people these days tend to get the order of the holidays all mixed up. We start seeing Christmas decorations too early and forget some of the holidays that should count a little bit more. While Halloween is a holiday most people remember, sometimes it does get a little overlooked.

So, what do name tags have to do with the most popular dress-up holiday ever?

Try adding some flair to an office party with custom shaped name tags for that special day. Choose from one of our pre-designed styles or custom design one all your own. While we do not encourage complicated designs, we do encourage uniqueness and originality. Choose a black cat or a wooden color cross. Or, create a bat or pumpkin. Too complicated? Custom design a name tag or name badge and add a spooky logo.

Make a name tag part of a Halloween costume.

Do you know where this one would belong?

(Doctor Who and The Weeping Angels)


Another great idea is to create your own custom signs. Choose a fun font with your own spooky message and logo. Or, make signs that go with office decor or party ideas. Use this orange sign to hang on your door when you run out of treats on Halloween night, or simply get tired of answering the door bell and missing all your party guests.

Need more ideas? Use adhesive name badges for Halloween games and activities. From a quick game of “Who Am I?” to a fun way to introduce everyone at an office or home party, these quick and cheap name badges are great for any amount of fun!

Dress up your Halloween party with Halloween designs on personalized name tags, name badges and signs and have a Happy Halloween! But don’t forget to get your order in now so that it will arrive in time for the holiday!

Name Tag Deficiency Syndrome (NTDS)

Is there really a condition called Name Tag Deficiency Syndrome?

From Scott Ginsberg, The Name Tag Guy:

name tag name badge name tag deficiency syndrome“Over a half of a million people suffer every year from Emblema Nomenpenia, more commonly known as Name Tag Deficiency Syndrome (NTDS). This debilitating condition has run rampant through the American business community for many decades, experts say, although only recently has it been classified.”


Symptoms: You may experience localized font shrinkage, inflammation of the company logo, noticeable eye irritation due to cluttered texts, absence of upper chest name tag placement and mild conversational uncertainty and frustration.

Possible Side Effects: Beware of sudden, sever attacks of name forgetting, possible networking anxiety, unapproachable behavior, missed opportunities to make new friends or business contacts, and feelings of annoyance due to the inability to say hello to a new member or employee whose name you can’t read because their name tag is turned tag name badge Name Tag Deficiency Syndrome (NTDS)


While NTDS is completely “made up,” the side effects are serious! However, this disease is easily treatable and completely curable!


Kris Hay, Communications Coordinator at the University of Puget Sound, offers her advice:

name tag name badge name tag deficiency syndrome“When it comes to networking, a name tag is a necessity. Anonymity is not to your advantage in these situations. Worn properly, a legible name tag helps people remember your name and then quickly move on to exchanging information with you.

“A poorly located, illegible, or absent name tag can cause consternation, and even embarrassment. A name tag should make it easy for people to meet and greet you without having to gaze at body parts other than your face. Wearing your name tag correctly demonstrates your etiquette and networking savvy.”


Come find your solution to Emblema Nomenpenia (NTDS) at! We have all possible solutions. From blank name tags to name badges to customized name tags with a logo, we truly are your one-stop shop for all things related to personal identification!

To Wear, Or Not To Wear. What is a Name Tag?

Many people feel that name tags are pointless and kind of a pain to wear. While most of these people will complain about wearing a name tag, they can all agree on one thing. That is the point of the name tag in the first place. Once someone is wearing a name tag, it becomes easier to identify them. So, those who become self-conscious once they actually break and don a name tag or name badge, they will agree that the identification does aid in the day-to-day activities.

andertoons name tags name badges hate wearingWhile there was a focus on Scott Ginsberg, a man who wears a name tag every day, Mark Anderson is annoyed by this small personal identification tool. Anderson says, “Well, I should say I hate wearing a name tag. I find them very useful when I’m speaking to someone because I’m horrible with names, but I always feel self-conscious with that big red ‘Hi, I’m Mark’ branded on my chest.”

“So, instead of hobnobbing and mingling, I set my mind to work on other ways people are identified with tags or signs, and this cartoon popped out. I suppose a therapist might suggest that I was feeling trapped in my job, but mostly I just felt goofy, and was able to turn it to my advantage. This cartoon came from attending one of those business events where I had to wear a name tag.”

In rebuttal against these feelings, name tags really are a great equalizer. Name tags always help out when meeting a lot of people at once, such as a conference or convention, and in a short time frame. “If everybody wears name tags, no more fighting, no more intolerance and no more disrespect,” says Scott Ginsberg. Wearing a name tag where people can easily see and read it makes getting to know them easier and puts everyone ease. The important thing to remember is that when meeting a lot of different people, they have an easier way to really remember who you are and what you stand for. No one will be left to assume anything about anyone with the simple aid of personal identification. Name tags RULE (even if we are biased)!

Halloween Decorations

name tags-nameplates-nametags-ribbons-lanyards-shipping
With Halloween just around the corner, many people are scrambling for ideas for their costumes and decorations. Some costumes, such as those that mimic uniforms work well with a name tag as an accessory. The inclusion of a name tag can be a cost effective method of turning some plain clothing into a costume.

We’ve seen quite a few Halloween name tags come through over the years. Here are a few examples we put together. Something like a “Beware of Monsters” sign could be used year after year for your decorations.

The sky is the limit for the tags and signs you could create. Let us help you make a more memorable Halloween this year.

Get yours today!

name tags-nameplates-nametags-ribbons-lanyards-shipping