The Other Four Cs of Name Tags

A diamond’s four Cs represent the four main components of its beauty and structure: cut, color, clarity and carat. The other four Cs of name tags represent the same thing. Many companies choose to give their employees name badges as a way to help their customers. And here’s how focusing on the other four Cs of name tags will help your business thrive.

The Other Four Cs of Name Tags

The other four Cs of name tags: comfort, convenience, consistency and communication.


Just like a diamond’s cut affects how much it sparkles, a name tag’s consistency helps a brand stand out. And, for any brand awareness, consistency is king. When you are considering the type of name tags you need for your business or event, make sure you are choosing the correct one. Remember that these name tags are what will be representing your brand.

While an adhesive name badge may be appropriate for a small gathering or party, you should probably consider something a bit more lasting for business use. Whether you go for reusable name badges or printed logos on metal or plastic, you need to make sure that your name tags reflect your business goals. Choose something that will tell your customers and prospective clients who you are and how much you value their business.

Yes, it can be tempting to hand out name badges to every employee and volunteer and tell them to write their names and information on a blank insert sheet. While this is certainly better than not having any name tag at all, don’t forget about the importance of branding. Make sure you have your company name and logo visible for everyone to see. This way, everyone will instantly recognize your employees as part of the company.


Another of the important four Cs of diamonds is color. This actually refers to a diamond’s lack of color which adds to its sparkle making it more desirable. Similarly, to make your brand more desirable, another of the other four Cs of name tags is to communicate what your company is all about. Yes, your name tags can communicate your brand’s values and goals.

trashed name tags as an example of not following the four Cs of name tags

For example, if you were to abuse your name tags and not use the same font, color or styling options, your customers will get confused about your business. Either that or they will stop using your services and buying your goods. When someone sees that you don’t care for your uniform or name tags, you pass that feeling of neglect onto your customers and clientele. Once you stop caring, they stop caring, and your business won’t thrive.

So, make sure when you choose your name tags, they will communicate your values. Keep the color, branding and styling inline with your company goals. This way, you will communicate to your customers what you stand for and how you will treat them.

COMFORT (Clarity)

A diamond’s clarity is often the least important of the four Cs because the tiny imperfections are often microscopic. However, we would like to argue that your clientele’s comfort and clarity should be a priority. When your customers are clear about who is an employee (by knowing your employee’s names with the use of name tags), they feel more comfortable around your business. And, when they are comfortable, your customers are more inclined to take advantage of your services.

But don’t forget about the comfort of your employees. Make sure they want to wear a name tag. Once you hire someone, make sure they understand your goals for providing name tags for them to wear. Is it for security? Is it for ease of interacting with your customers? No matter what your reasoning is behind wanting name tags for your business, your employees need to want to wear them for the name tags to be effective.


The term carat refers to the diamond’s total weight. While some people may enjoy wearing something big and flashy, make sure your name tags are one-size-fits-all. Having your logo visible and names easily readable is essential. But, don’t forget the convenience of also having a manageable name tag. Choose a tag that will fit all of the necessary information without being cumbersome for your employees to wear.

A name tag helps to make you look professional. When someone wears one appropriately, it indicates that they take their job seriously. In turn, this helps create an excellent first impression when meeting with potential clients and investors.

In addition to looking professional, people tend to act more qualified when they wear a name tag. And, they are more aware of how much they are accountable for their actions. For example, if a customer needs help, employees are quickly identified if they are wearing their name tag.

Your customers keep you in business, and the last thing you want is for your customers to have no idea who will help them. When you use name tags, your customers will quickly identify staff and be saved the frustration of asking around.

So, remember the other four Cs of name tags, and your identification will always be top-notch!

The 4 Cs of Name Tags

Most people know about the 4 Cs of diamond purchasing. However, here are the lesser known 4 Cs of name tags!

When you are planning on purchasing a diamond it is important that you know as much as possible about how diamonds are classified. Experts do this using a 4 Cs method. Did you know it’s just as important to know about the 4 Cs when purchasing a name tag for your business?

Follow these simple steps to finding your perfect name tag.

the 4 cs of name tags customization convenience connection costWhile most name tags are for names, logos and other elements are just as important. What do you want your name tag to look like? It’s important to be able to customize a name tag to meet any need. From color to material, customization is key. Choose from plastic or metal. Choose your color and printing technique. And finally choose a logo, graphic or just plain text.

the 4 cs of name tags customization convenience connection costCustomers and consumers are what keeps us all in business. The last thing anyone wants is for someone to not understand who can help them. Use name tags so that all customers will be able to easily identify staff. It will also save them the frustration of asking the wrong person for assistance. Conformity also extends to where someone wears a name tag. Make sure your employees place the name tag appropriately on their clothing.

the 4 cs of name tags customization convenience connection cost brandingBrand awareness is a huge part of being connected with your consumer. By creating a specific brand, companies make themselves known in their communities. This connection should also include proper communication. Many organizations give employees name tags as a way to aid this connection. These name tags have logos and graphics to identify and inform others. Each time a logo is used on personal identification, a brand is connected to a consumer.

By far, this is one of the most important of the 4 Cs. Cost affects the actual purchasing decision for name tags. If they are too expensive, or can be found somewhere else for cheaper, name tags won’t be purchased. Coller Industries strives for the best pricing for our quality products. There are multiple choices available for every price range.

Finding the proper personal identification helps all business endeavors. And, using these 4 Cs, purchasing name tags becomes an easy task.