Name Tags: Making A Personal Connection

Greeting someone by using their name establishes a personal connection.

Remembering someone’s name is the best way to get their attention. Using a name shows courtesy and respect toward them. It’s a way of making a positive impression on someone. And, to some, it’s the most important sound of their day.

Why is it so important to hear your name? Your name is what connects you to your family and friends. It’s what makes you so unique. Without your name, you are just another face in a crowd. And when someone uses your name, any situation becomes personal.

Dale Carnegie, an expert in relationship building, tells us, “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

name tags help to make a personal connection in almost every situationName tags are the perfect way to make sure that someone knows your name. And, they are increasingly important in the world today. How can someone, whether fellow employee or customer, connect with you without knowing your name?

There are so many reasons to be wearing a name tag.

When working, it helps provide security and a sense of belonging. It also helps those around you to know who you are and if you can help with something they might need.

name tags help to make a personal connection in almost every situationAnother reason to wear a name tag is demonstrated by this poignant, albeit brief, interaction.

“This morning I was at the local coffee shop. The young lady who prepared my coffee was wearing a name tag, and I was able to thank her by using her name. I could tell this made her feel good and appreciated.”

Using a person’s name shows that you have gone out of your way and taken the time to make a personal connection to them. Remember, business is not only about selling or making money. It’s about connecting with those around you. Without a personal connection, no goods are shared. Nothing will happen. Once that connection has been made, it becomes a trusted relationship.

Name tags make any connection emotional and personal. It causes people to remember with whom they are doing business. It sets an individual apart and makes them feel special. And, it’s the best way to get someone’s attention.

The 4 Cs of Name Tags

Most people know about the 4 Cs of diamond purchasing. However, here are the lesser known 4 Cs of name tags!

When you are planning on purchasing a diamond it is important that you know as much as possible about how diamonds are classified. Experts do this using a 4 Cs method. Did you know it’s just as important to know about the 4 Cs when purchasing a name tag for your business?

Follow these simple steps to finding your perfect name tag.

the 4 cs of name tags customization convenience connection costWhile most name tags are for names, logos and other elements are just as important. What do you want your name tag to look like? It’s important to be able to customize a name tag to meet any need. From color to material, customization is key. Choose from plastic or metal. Choose your color and printing technique. And finally choose a logo, graphic or just plain text.

the 4 cs of name tags customization convenience connection costCustomers and consumers are what keeps us all in business. The last thing anyone wants is for someone to not understand who can help them. Use name tags so that all customers will be able to easily identify staff. It will also save them the frustration of asking the wrong person for assistance. Conformity also extends to where someone wears a name tag. Make sure your employees place the name tag appropriately on their clothing.

the 4 cs of name tags customization convenience connection cost brandingBrand awareness is a huge part of being connected with your consumer. By creating a specific brand, companies make themselves known in their communities. This connection should also include proper communication. Many organizations give employees name tags as a way to aid this connection. These name tags have logos and graphics to identify and inform others. Each time a logo is used on personal identification, a brand is connected to a consumer.

By far, this is one of the most important of the 4 Cs. Cost affects the actual purchasing decision for name tags. If they are too expensive, or can be found somewhere else for cheaper, name tags won’t be purchased. Coller Industries strives for the best pricing for our quality products. There are multiple choices available for every price range.

Finding the proper personal identification helps all business endeavors. And, using these 4 Cs, purchasing name tags becomes an easy task.