How to Use Name Tags at Your Christmas Party

Liven your office Christmas party using name tags!

The holidays are here again, and that means it is time to plan your office Christmas party. Each year you look for ways to make your Christmas party different or better than last year’s. That means changing the food, gifts, decorations or activities. Name tags are versatile products that can enhance a company’s celebrations in many ways.

Green table placement name tag for a Christmas party.

Here are three ways name tags can add variety to your corporate Christmas party and bring more holiday cheer to you and your colleagues.


Placement name tags add class to your dining room table. Each employee’s name is laser engraved into a metal or plastic name tag, in an elegant font of your choice.

Serving wine or cocktails at your event? Wine tags help distinguish one person’s glass from another. Party attendees attach a tag with their name engraved on it to the bottom of their wine or cocktail glasses so they can easily find them again. Name tags also serve as labels for a banquet table or potluck so attendees know which food is what.


Exchanging white elephant gifts at your Christmas party? Name tags make it easy to draw a person’s name to see who gets to choose a gift first. And unlike with paper strips, you won’t have to rewrite their names again next year.

If you want to have a different activity this year, there are several games you and your coworkers can play with blank name tags. Have each person draw a picture of something that represents them. Then, have everyone guess which picture belongs to whom. Or, write a question on each blank tag and give it to each person to pin on their shirt. Everyone then has to answer the question pinned on the person they’re talking to while they socialize. Be careful which markers you use as some markers may be permanent.

Name tags as Christmas party favors.Gifts

Name tags make classy gifts, and having every employee wear a name tag that includes your business logo creates company unity and solidifies branding. You may choose the color, font and fastener for your name tags. And, you decide whether to have an employee’s name engraved or leave the name tag blank.

Already bought your employees Christmas presents for this year? A beautiful gift tag will make them feel extra special. Tape a name tag to a wrapped present or attach it to a gift bag. Ribbons make great gift tags as well.

However you choose to celebrate the holidays, name tags can enhance your office Christmas party experience.

Christmas Party 2011

christmas party-event-drawings
photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc

Last Friday, Name Tag, Inc. celebrated its annual Christmas party at the Red Lion Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City. It was full of yummy food, festive decorations, and the giving holiday spirit!

There was no lack of good times in this spacious banquet room complete with a Christmas tree. Round tables and chairs provided the ease of good conversation and laughs among coworkers and families. The food was served buffet style–and there was plenty to go around!

After we all enjoyed the delicious lunch, the fun activities ensued.

It all began with a drawing for two Utah Jazz tickets And the lucky winner was one of our machine operators, Pat. Way to go, Pat!

But Pat wasn’t the only lucky one. Each Name Tag, Inc. employee received two warm fleece blankets (each complete with a candy cane) as a Christmas gift! How generous–especially in chilly Utah.
Oh, don’t think we walked away with only these blankets. Oh no. We also exchanged Secret Santa gifts to each other. A few weeks ago, each employee secretly drew the name of another employee with the assignment to purchase a gift for them to be given at our Christmas party. So much fun!

But the giving doesn’t end there! We then played two rounds of Bingo, giving us all two chances to win more prizes. Wow!

And finally, who doesn’t like a little extra cash? Name Tag, Inc. management then graciously gave Christmas bonus checks to each employee. How thoughtful!

This year’s Christmas party was a true success. And I know we’re all excited to do it all again next year.

Happy holidays!