We have a new catalog!

For the better part of a year we have been working on a catalog for our customers. We would regularly get phone requests for one. Well now at long last, and after much hassle with the printing company we have one ready and waiting to send out! It lists all of our products at their current prices, and is very lovely!

We would like to thank ourĀ  fantastic graphic designer Melanie for all of her hard work!

If you would like a copy to call your own please give us a call at:


Soon we will also have an online version available. For now all of our products can be found on our wonderful websites.









Coller Industries announces the purchase of Ribbon Printers!

name tags-nameplates-nametags-ribbons-lanyards-shipping

Coller Industries, Inc dba Name Tag, Inc has recently announced the purchase of Ribbon Printers along with all of its assets. Ribbon Printers is a 17 year old ribbon imprinting firm from Long Island, New York that manufacturers continuous roll imprinted ribbons for weddings, gift wrapping, etc.

Our company President, Gary Coller, said, “The acquisition will enhance our existing line of ribbons for name tags and will be located at our South Salt Lake facility.”

We received the machines and supplies about a week ago, and we are now fully operational. We expect to have a place to order online very shortly!

As those of you familiar with Coller Industries, Inc, also known as Name Tag, Inc know, we manufacture name tags and name plates. We can also provide convention supplies such as lanyards, ribbons, and badge holders. Our company was founded 1995 as a small retirement business by Clyde Coller, CEO. He quickly realized that he could not do it all on his own and hired staff. Since then the company has blossomed into a flourishing small business with its own building and over 30 employees. We have an A+ rating with the BBB, and we try to always put our customers first!

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What is Coller Industries?

ribbons-badge holders-engraved signs
You may have seen the previous post about our soon-to-be launching of three new websites, all under the parent company of Coller Industries, and be wondering, “I thought this was Name Tag, Inc. What in the world is Coller Industries?”

Well, let us explain.

Although Name Tag, Inc. is here to stay for now, we are re-branding ourselves too. For us, it’s all about expansion, which in turn, only serves our customers better.

While you will continue to experience the best customer care and quality as you do, you will also experience more focus. This focus will allow us to show you our specific product lines, cultivating the space for growth within each.

So don’t worry one bit–the high-quality personal identification products you know are here to stay, and will only get better.

Thank you for your business as we venture into Coller Industries.