What is Coller Industries?

ribbons-badge holders-engraved signs
You may have seen the previous post about our soon-to-be launching of three new websites, all under the parent company of Coller Industries, and be wondering, “I thought this was Name Tag, Inc. What in the world is Coller Industries?”

Well, let us explain.

Although Name Tag, Inc. is here to stay for now, we are re-branding ourselves too. For us, it’s all about expansion, which in turn, only serves our customers better.

While you will continue to experience the best customer care and quality as you do, you will also experience more focus. This focus will allow us to show you our specific product lines, cultivating the space for growth within each.

So don’t worry one bit–the high-quality personal identification products you know are here to stay, and will only get better.

Thank you for your business as we venture into Coller Industries.