Name Day: What It Is & How to Celebrate

Happy Name Day and Happy Birthday

The moniker we received from our parents the day we are born may be our most valuable possession. It distinguishes us from others, and it shapes our personalities and individuality. Many cultures and countries celebrate a person yearly on a special ‘Name Day.’

The best thing about name days is that you don’t need to know your friend’s birth date to send them a greeting; you only need their name. And, while birthdays are the most popular reason to celebrate and party, why limit our celebration of each person’s uniqueness to a single day?

Is this day the same as my birthday?

In short, the answer is no. However, there is much more to the answer than a simple “yes or no.” Birthdays are just that, the day you were born. However, your name day extends beyond and into more meaning than a birth date. In many traditions, cultures and religions, your name day is more important than your birthday.

What are name days, and where do people celebrate them?

Variety of name tags showing variations of the name John.

Many European and Latin American countries celebrate name days each year. The tradition of celebrating this day goes back to the Middle Ages, especially in Catholic and Orthodox countries and continues today. Celebrations of each name day may commemorate saints and martyrs of the Catholic church. For example, Sweden celebrates the name Karl on January 28, the anniversary of Charlemagne’s (whose given moniker is Karolus or Karl) death. 

A saint’s day celebration will include all the possible variations of that moniker. For example, St. Johns Day (January 7) is the name day of anyone named John, Giovanni, Ivan, Jeanine, Joann, Juan, and any of the 119 variations used worldwide.

Name days may be associated with a season or time of the year. One example is Palm Sunday, the name day for people with names related to flowers, herbs and plants to celebrate.

Many different traditions are associated with name days. However, no matter the customs, this is a time to celebrate the individual with congratulations and even small gifts.

How can I find my name day?

We know how important names are for building and maintaining relationships. And we believe in celebrating individual names every chance we can. So, search for official lists to find out when your moniker is celebrated. Many counties worldwide maintain lists of name days. For example, Sweden and Finland have kept lists that date to the 18th century and earlier. Today, It is simple to find a name day for yourself, your family and your friends by using the power of the internet. We recommend visiting to find yours!

Why are these days suddenly so popular?

In the book and television series, Game of Thrones, author George R.R. Martin refers to namedays. While he does not clearly define their significance, he mentions that they coincide with birthdays.

Westeros nameday card

The nameday is a custom in the society of the Seven Kingdoms. It is an annual celebration commemorating the naming of a person and serves to calculate his or her age. Babies are named the same day they are born. People receive presents from friends and family on their nameday. It is essentially what we now call a birthday.

Game of Thrones Wiki

So the tradition of namedays in Game of Thrones differs from the European tradition of celebrating one’s name day.

In conclusion

While each culture, fictional or not, may have different traditions surrounding name days, they all have one thing in common: the purpose.

Names are more than a label; our names help define us, they assist in building and maintaining relationships, and they are part of the continuity of society and a culture’s history. They are a part of our uniqueness and individuality and are always worth celebrating.

So, whether you respond to Michelle or Karl, Rebekah or Yuri or any other moniker, you have two days a year that are special to only you: your birthday and your name day.

We are all about celebrating names! 

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Celebrating Christmas, Name Tag Style

From name tags to custom ribbons, all we want is to celebrate Christmas in style!

While it’s all about personal identification 364 days of every year, for one fleeting day it’s about socializing and stuffing ourselves full of delicious food. And, this Christmas is no exception!

Customer Service employees celebrating at the Coller Industries Incorporated Christmas party

Marketing Department employees celebrating at the Coller Industries Incorporated Christmas party

Production and Shipping employees celebrating at the Coller Industries Incorporated Christmas party

Here at Coller Industries, we pride ourselves on our high-quality workmanship, our culture of quality and our perfect name tags and ribbons. And, while we like to boast about our less than 0.05% error rate, we also want to boast about our nearly perfect employees.

Ramona, the Marketing and Web Services Manager, said, “It’s amazing just how much everything works together. We have such a culture of quality in this company. And, it is so impressive that we are less than a half percent in our error rate.”

All in all, Coller Industries strives in every way possible to get each order not only out the door quickly and efficiently, but correctly! And our low error rate proves this, not only to us but to our current and potential customers.

Aimee, the Senior Account Manager, said, “It has been a fun and exciting year getting to know our many customers and I would like to thank all of the employees, everyone from every department for their assistance and support in ensuring the satisfaction of all of our customers.”

Having a low error rate increases sales and increased sales translate into happy customers. And with happy customers, Coller Industries remains in business to continue to serve everyone and their personal identification needs!

And, part of this happiness needs to extend to our family here at Coller Industries.

Hannah, the Customer Service Manager, said it best, “What makes Coller Industries stand out, is that it feels more like family than work. We all support each other and care about each other, and I think that is such a big contribution to how well we do as a company. Obviously work is work, but it is so much easier to do when everyone you work with is a friend, and everyone cares about each other. I think that is part of what keeps us so motivated to do well.”

Celebrating at the Coller Industries Incorporated Christmas party

Celebrating at the Coller Industries Incorporated Christmas party

Our annual tradition of the Christmas party includes a giant luncheon hosted and catered at a local hotel. This year’s meal included prime rib, chicken, salmon, asparagus and other sides for a feast fit for a king. There were also delicious appetizers of crackers and spinach dip with prosciutto wrapped asparagus.

Vance, the Design Manager, said, “I enjoyed the appetizers, I was nearly full by the time the main meal was starting. And I liked that this year’s party was smaller, with only the one guest it made the party feel more about our accomplishments as a group than a meal with families.”

Playing games at the Coller Industries Incorporated Christmas partyWe also played games and gave out prizes for raffles. From a holiday word scramble to trying to remember who had played the jolly man in red, the games were a blast and the presents even better.

And, every year each employee receives a personalized gift from Coller Industries. This year was a water bottle decorated with the CI logo which was full of candy. We also got a custom embroidered jacket with the CI logo.

Employee Awards at the Coller Industries Incorporated Christmas partyThis year we also had a special treat and recognized the hard work of several employees. From perfect attendance to most efficient, each of these employees received one of our new custom plaques engraved with their specific talent and name.

Here are more thoughts from several employees about our fabulous annual Christmas party:

Crystal (Shipping Clerk) “Everything about the party this year was just so amazing and fun. I wouldn’t have changed anything. And, I really like how plaques were given out for employee appreciation.”

Mathew (Web Design / Development) “The people and environment are the best part about the annual party. It is a nice casual setting where we can enjoy one another’s company and socialize.”

Leslie (Shipping Clerk) “My favorite thing about the Christmas party was getting together with all of the employees and just having fun.”

Charles (Sample Requests) “I always enjoy the company of my coworkers as we are also friends. And it isn’t very often that we get to chat and hang out throughout a workday.”

We just want to say thank you to everyone who works for Coller Industries. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for our wonderful employees. And, to all of our customers, have a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season!