Customer Spotlight: The Caring Voice Coalition

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Mission Statement

Caring Voice Coalition is dedicated to building relationships with charitable organizations founded to help individuals and families affected by serious chronic disorders and diseases. Caring Voice will work together with these organizations to offer outreach and support services that directly benefit the patient community.

Caring Voice will accomplish its mission through its public advocacy program, insurance counseling, personal advocacy and support, and peer mentoring services; all with emphasis on professional and ethical business practices.

About Us

The Caring Voice Coalition, Inc. is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization, established in 2003 to serve the comprehensive needs of individuals affected by serious, chronic disorders.

Caring Voice provides the following patient services to those who are insured and underinsured:

Financial Assistance Program
Insurance Education and Counseling Program
Patient Support Program

Our diligent research, information sharing, financial assistance and patient support services have helped improve the life situations of our patients. Our programs result in:

Improved access to care for medical and prescription therapy;
Improved economic outlook for families;
Improved emotional well-being of patients;
Patient education for optimal patient care;

Caring Voice Coalition understands that many patients diagnosed with a chronic illness encounter daily challenges that can negatively affect their quality of life. Our programs are designed to assist these patients get what they need to improve their situation. We help patients get back to life!

CVC currently serves patients diagnosed with the following diseases:

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (Alpha-1)
Chronic Granulomatous Disorder (CGD)
Complex Partial Seizures (CPS)
Huntington’s Disease (HD)
Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF)
Infantile Spasms (IS)
Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH)

Our Programs:

Our Financial Assistance Program provides financial assistance to eligible patients in order to help cover the cost of high insurance premiums or expensive prescription therapies. Caring Voice Coalition may pay all or a portion of a patient’s share of cost under the patient’s health insurance plan. Our financial assistance programs include:

Insurance premium assistance
Insurance co-payment assistance
Medicare prescription drug assistance

Our Insurance Education and Counseling Program provides specialized insurance assistance and guidance to patients by offering the following services related to health insurance:

Identifying sources of healthcare coverage;
Assisting with enrollment into a plan;
Reviewing and explaining benefits;
Mediating problems and complaints; and
Preparing and submitting appeals.

Our Patient Support Program assists patients in managing changes that impact their emotional, financial, and social well-being. We understand that coping with a chronic illness can often become overwhelming. Our coordinators will:

Provide up-to-date information to help the patient understand their disease process;
Research state and federally-funded programs for which patient may be eligible;
Connect the patient with programs designed to support their medication or therapy; and
Provide information on support groups and other valuable resources.

Please visit us at if you would like more information.

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