New Name Plates As Unique As You

Creating new name plates for your office doesn’t have to be boring. Get creative using these ideas.

Everyone seems to have one, a boring name plate sitting on the edge of their desk. How does it read? Your first and last name? Your generic title? Boring, right? Well, why not lighten up the mood in your office and share a laugh with your coworkers with new name plates. So, let’s get creative and get rid of the boring!

Your name is unique so it should stay put on your new name plates.

Custom Design Plastic Name Plates (No Logo) from Coller Industries

But, let’s put some class into it. Whether your name is short like Jim Shu or long like Vernon Ringo Fyre don’t underestimate the importance of font. Yes, you should remember to keep your name plate consistent with your company brand, but have a little bit of fun. With more than 15 different font choices, you can class up your name plate easily by changing the font.

And, what about that generic title.

Even if you are the CEO of your company, there are still better ways to say it on your new name plates. Use creative phrasing like “Master of Everything” or “The Man Who Signs Your Paycheck” to get the laughter going. Or are you the office clerk? Use a title such as “Magical Paper Transferrer” or “Organizer of Random Thoughts and Erratic Activity” to redefine a job that may seem boring. This can be done with any job title! Check out these other examples:

  • Human Resources becomes Timeline Overlord!
  • Social Media Manager becomes Entertainment Seer!
  • Customer Service Manager becomes Head Unicorn Wrangler!
  • IT or Computer Specialist becomes Warlord of Ingenuity!
  • Content Writer or Blogger becomes Ink Magician!

Who said it had to be a logo?

Okay, so we have your name covered and your title, but what about that logo? Why not go for something a bit more unique. Yes, if you are ordering in bulk, it will have to be the same for every name plate. But, you can still be creative. Instead of your company logo, make up a graphic that is just as fitting. Do you have a mascot? Or, try a unique icon that is suitable for your business.

Funny name plates also make great gifts!

From Father’s Day to Christmas and everything in between, everyone will love your creative side when you present them with a thoughtful gift of a new name plate. And, they don’t just have to be names and titles. Add a quote, personal thought or nickname to your new name plates. If the text can be engraved, put it on an Acrylic Desk Block or an Executive Desk Wedge to make it even classier.

get new name plates as Acrylic Desk Blocks and give them as gifts with a special and unique quote

If you are ordering for yourself, the sky may be the limit on this! And, with UV color printing available as well as engraving, you can include colors and images. Pick your favorite animal or other unusual and defining hobby. Do you like quilting? Provide an image of a quilt block. Are turtles or owls your absolute favorite? Well, you get the idea.

No matter what you decide for your new name plates, make sure you are representative of who you are and get that creativity flowing.

Going Back To School, Office Edition

From a classroom to the office, name tags are for everyone!

Even though most adults don’t get a summer vacation or break, there are still many reasons to celebrate the kids going back to school. From new clothes to a spa day for you after your little ones get back to their education, there are many things to do and get for yourself. But don’t forget your office.

Whether it’s a corporate or a home office, why not treat yourself to a little something special while you’re treating the kids? We have several products to give you a refreshing start to your back-to-office experience.

Make your desk shine with a new acrylic desk block or executive desk wedge.

custom Executive Name Plates and Acrylic Desk Blocks are perfect for any officeQuality desk wedges show that you have set a level of excellence for yourself that goes above and beyond average. And, the thick desk blocks command attention and stand stably by themselves in any office. Each of these fancy name plates looks great on a desk, bookshelf or anywhere else you would like to display them.

use custom signs and award plaques to give your office a new lookGive yourself the gift of literacy with a custom plaque or sign.

Update your office look with a new sign or custom plaque. Customize either product with nearly any message you can think up. Add your favorite quote with a suitable graphic to a plaque to hang on your wall. Or create a custom sign to hang on your door so others can enjoy it as well. But, no matter your wording or literary choice, remember that each of these products is just as unique as you are.

Here’s to having fun on your first-day-back with adhesive badges!

Adhesive Name Badges are a fun tool to use for communication in your officeWhile they don’t quite seem suitable for an office, don’t underestimate adhesive badges. They can be tons of fun to play a couple of quick office games. Write down fun nicknames for everyone around you. Then, offer them up as a playful way of reconnecting after a weekend away from each other. Or, take these badges to your next company meeting and use them for ice-breaking games. No matter how you choose to use these fun stickers, they are sure to help with office communication.

So, whichever product you choose to spoil yourself with, remember that even though the kids are going back to school, you deserve a treat too!

3 Reasons Name Blocks Make Perfect Gifts

Give the gift of name blocks as home decor or corporate gifts.

Know someone who is difficult to find a present for? Name blocks such as executive desk wedges and acrylic desk blocks are perfect solutions. Everyone loves to see their name on something, whether it’s your boss, an old friend or family member. And, many people love displaying famous quotes or motivational messages as interior decor. In other words, desk wedges and blocks make great gifts for just about anyone.

Whether used for personal identification or interior decor, desk blocks and wedges add charm to any home or office.

Clear acrylic desk blocks (name blocks) for holiday decor

Here are three reasons why name blocks make excellent gifts for your friends, family and colleagues.


It’s easy to customize your name blocks to suit any purpose. These quality name blocks can be used as elegant name plates, decorations, promotional tools or tokens of affection. Use one or two lines of text to express love and appreciation for a special person. Add your company logo to turn these products into corporate gifts for your associates. Have your name and title engraved to make a name plate, or personalize with your favorite saying to create home decor. The possibilities are limitless!


Professional custom engraving and quality materials make desk wedges pleasing to the eye. The solid wood has a beautiful finish, and the metal plate has a shiny surface that accents the laser engraving. Acrylic desk blocks look stylish and modern with color filling in the engraved text. The beauty of these name blocks will make any recipient more than happy to display them on their desk or in their home.

They are PERSONAL.

A personalized gift makes people feel special. Having a desk wedge for their office gives people a sense of pride in themselves and their jobs. For corporate gifting, giving colleagues a desk block with their name and title on it shows you value their contribution to the company. Name blocks with quotes, sayings or expressions of love for friends or family are unique gifts that will last a lifetime.

Executive Desk Wedge

Wooden desk wedges (name blocks) under Christmas treeExecutive desk wedges come in different materials and sizes. The metal plate is fully customizable with your choice of color and finish. Customize one or two lines of text and an optional logo which are laser engraved into the metal plate. We offer to gift wrap your desk wedge for you so that you only need to worry about giving it to your boss, employee or friend.

Acrylic Desk Block

Crystalline acrylic desk blocks make beautiful identification products for your colleagues or friends. The clear, inch-think name blocks come with an optional black backing that makes the engraved text stand out. Select whether the text is laser engraved on the front or the back. Front engraving may include white, gold or silver color filling. With lots of font options, customize one or two lines of text however you want. Desk blocks may also include a logo or an image.

If you have any questions about our executive desk wedges, acrylic blocks or other products, please call us at (800) 272-5729. We wish you happy holiday shopping!

Corporate Gifts Worth a Wow

corporate gifts help to sustain relationships and deepen the personal connection between businesses and clients

Showing appreciation with corporate gifts for your customers, clients, and employees can be simple. And most importantly, it does not have to be a mundane gift. We all have several promotional mugs, t-shirts, and other items that we receive as thank you gifts. So, what makes you stand out from your competitors?

Deciding on a product to give can be a difficult choice. And at this time of year, it is important to start thinking about corporate gifting. Not only is gift giving one of the best ways to improve office morale and grow and maintain your business, but it has also become expected to be a way to acknowledge a working relationship.

Providing corporate gifts is an opportunity to connect with your clients, strengthen employee ties and share your holiday cheer. Recruiting, retention and business development are three great reasons to give a gift. But don’t just give a gift because you think someone expects it. Give because you want to maintain these relationships.

Corporate Gifts are for Everyone

While fruit baskets and other homemade treats are enjoyable, make them unique to the receiver. So, what are you giving this year? How about something personalized! From custom shaped name tags to executive desk wedges, find and create something that will truly make your employees and clients feel like you care. Not only do we have the best ideas for corporate gifts this year, but we can also help you personalize them.

Whether it is a new name tag for you, a desk wedge for your associates or other personal identification products for your clients, custom made gifts are always appreciated. And we are sure to have the right gifts for your needs.

Executive Desk Wedges

use executive name wedges for your corporate gifts this year

These fancy name plates are perfect for showing how much you appreciate someone. They also make an excellent award for any achievement. With a class of excellence above any other, these beautiful executive desk wedges will show how much you care. Whether you give one for your corporate gifts or buy one for yourself, the professional quality reflects the excellence you demand from yourself and your company.

Choose from six wedge styles and add your personalized metal name plate. Engraving names, titles and even short sayings will show everyone on your corporate gift list how much you care. Choose a plate color and font that fits your recipients perfectly, and present them with a gift they will never forget.

Acrylic Desk Blocks

use acrylic desk blocks for your corporate gifts this year

Crystalline acrylic desk blocks make beautiful corporate gifts for your colleagues or clients. Does your vice president have a favorite quote? Make them a unique acrylic desk block that they will proudly display. What about your customer service department? Do they need new name plates? Whatever the department or work environment, personalized gifts will make a difference.

The clear, inch thick name blocks have an optional black backing, making the engraved text stand out. Select whether the text is laser engraved on the front or the back. Front engraving may include white, gold or silver colored filling. With many font options, customize one or two lines of text however you want.

Custom Plaques

Give the gift of recognition with award plaques. They are made of quality materials and have natural grain patterns. Each plaque is made from high quality wood and comes with unique designs. And, these custom plaques come in many different colors and finishes to choose from. With the same custom options for each plaque type, there is no limit to how you can put this award to good use.

Give customized plaques for recognition.

Shop for your corporate gifts:

Don't forget the custom ribbon rolls for your corporate gifting this year.

PRO TIP: Don’t forget the ribbons!

Wrap ribbon rolls around an award plaque or use a rosette ribbon as a unique way of presenting a desk wedge. But, no matter your personalized ribbon choice, your colleagues are sure to love your corporate gifts this year. Recognize each employee for a job well done this year with a specially wrapped gift and some branded, personalized ribbon!

Displaying Your Name Plates

While name plates are common in most workplaces, we all need them for different reasons. And, many of us have a desk or cubicle at work, so it’s easy to display that coveted piece of personal identification. And while most name plates have a name and title, some are used for other reasons around the office.

display a name plate easily with a variety of holders and methods at your office or on your desk

Name plates easily sit on a corner or small portion of your desk.

Use a traditional metal desk holder for your plastic or metal engraved name plate. These sit conveniently on the corner of any desk so that they are visible to passersby. Another option is to choose an acrylic desk block or executive desk wedge. These options, while a little less traditional, actually offer an upgrade to your name plate look.

Another option for a desk top is the plastic desk base. This classy item fits most designs and still allow the nameplate to sit on the corner of your desk comfortably. Or, be a little less traditional and set it on your computer monitor or tower.

Attach name plates to the front of a desk.

Using either a wall mount or adhesive, attach the plate on the front of your desk. This idea is perfect for the current trend of standing desks. That way, no matter the height of your desk, your name plate will always be visible. Choose from Velcro, magnets or double-sided tape to accomplish this simple, yet effective presentation.

display a name plate easily with a variety of holders and methods at your office or on your desk

Using an adhesive also enables you to attach name plates to other objects on or near your desk. Use the double-sided tape to mount the plate to stacking desk trays or a white board.

Mount the plate on a wall or door of your office or cubicle.

display a name plate easily with a variety of holders and methods at your office or on your desk

From Contemporary Name Plates to traditional engraved name plates, one of the most popular ways to display room names and numbers and directions is to hang them on the wall. Accomplish this easily by using a wall mount or an adhesive. We also offer partition pins to hang your plate on the side of your cubicle conveniently.

Maybe you need to label a section of a wall for different types of forms? Simply attach this useful item next to the section, and just like that you’re done! And everyone in the office can see what they need and how easy it is to get it.

What creative way do you display your name plates?

Do you have yours hanging from the ceiling? Maybe it’s secured to your desk in a different way. Or is it in the hallway outside your office? We want to hear how you have your name plate displayed!