Donation Spotlight: A-WOW Inc.

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Recently we were contacted by a fantastic non-profit group called A-WOW Inc. We happily donated some badge ribbons to their fantastic cause. Their contact Eileen was able to answer some questions for us about their organization.

Me: What is the name of your company or organization? Do you have a mission statement?

Eileen: A-WOW Inc. is a not-for-profit organization and registered non-governmental organization that actively promotes multiculturalism, leadership, education and innovation. As an international female-based organization we prepare young women ages 16-24, to become global citizens and assume leadership roles in the community.

While attending A-WOW programs, young women from Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Costa Rica and the United States, experience educational program, and are exposed to a wealth of learning opportunities.

Me: What was donated to you? How did will it help your organization?

Eileen: Name tag ribbons were donated to help at the A-WOW World Summit held in Dallas TX, July 28-August 4, 2013. Young women from Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Costa Rica and the United States will gather and be given opportunities to improve themselves, learn approaches for economic empowerment and explore solutions to support their communities.

Top leaders from international governments, arts and media, social development sectors and industries, serve as volunteer mentors during our program to assist the young women in their development.

Me:If you could describe your company/organization 3 words what would they be?

Eileen: How about 6 words? Empowering a Girl Changes a World!

name tags-nameplates-nametags-ribbons-lanyards-shipping

Me: Do you have any other comments you would like to add?

Eileen: Thank you for being part of our making a difference by empowering a young woman inĀ  becoming a leader and helping to provide young women the resources for generating innovative idea along with valuable solutions to positively impact communities.

Big thanks to Eileen for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer our questions! We hope your event goes well!