Name Tag, Inc.: Personal Identification Product Examples

Ever wish you could try on a name tag before you buy it?

Examples are available if you ask!

Most stores will let you try on a shirt or a pair of pants to really make sure that the fit, the color, the size and the shape are really what you’re looking for. When you shop for towels, pots/pans and many other items, you can hold them and look at those too. But, how often do you get to do the same thing with name tags and other personal identification products?

While you wouldn’t actually get fired if your boss opened a box of name badges with your company’s logo that you ordered for a trade show or meeting and saw they were not the expected quality; you may not even get in trouble for it. It wasn’t your fault anyway, right? Well, with Name Tag, Inc. you never have to be in the position of disappointing anyone when ordering any personal identification products. You never have to run the risk of hearing, “These don’t really support the quality of our brand.”

personalized identification sample packWe take out all the risk of buying personal identification products. Experience the high quality of our products by requesting samples of the products you choose. Example requests are for generic products showing the capabilities of our machines and processes. Your complimentary product package will arrive within three to four business days. While we do not offer the actual product without an order, we are more than happy to send something similar in nature so that you will be able to make the correct purchase when it comes time. Get peace of mind and just ask for a product example!

Just a couple of quick sample terms:

  • Products will not include any personalized information (your name, your logo, etc).
  • Color and material chips may be selected as part of the example packet.
  • These products do not count as a design proof. If you would like to purchase duplicates of the item sent to you then you must relay the specific design information to your customer service agent.
  • Any products sent may vary from those shown on the order form.

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