Laser Engraved Stock Signs

Engraved on 0.06 two-ply plastic and available in over 95+ styles, the laser engraved signs are an excellent choice to provide instructions and help with building navigation.

stock signs-laser engraved-plastic-sign-signs

Select from 4 different sizes: 2×10, 4×12, 6×12 and 6×6 – each with their own set of pre-designed titles, including: No Smoking, Rest Rooms, Exit, Closed.In addition to just text signs, you may also include common graphics and borders, if needed.

inexpensive-stock signs-signs-plastic-laser engraved

With a standard production time of 2 business days and the ability to mix and match various titles, of the same size, to receive a quantity discount, the engraved signs product line is a quick and affordable way to furnish your office, department or business.

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Customer Feedback and Reviews

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We greatly appreciate the feedback of our customers and would love to hear about your experience with Name Tag, Inc. Please spend a few moments to let us know how we did and if there is anything else that we can improve on!

You can also contact us by phone or email!

1-800-272-5729 ex. 5017

Donation Spotlight: Cast for Kids

August 8th, 2009 turned out to be a very cold and blustery day. I almost couldn’t believe that after such warm weather, the day of the event was windy and overcast. It’s better for the fish, I heard again and again. It didn’t seem to hamper the kids at all either.The day started out early, set-up at 5:30 am and registration beginning at 7:00 am.The BASS Association volunteers were there, ready to hit the water.At 9:00 am, the registered participants had all been assigned to a boat or pontoon and the boats took off.The on- shore volunteers, of which I was one, headed over to the main pavilion to decorate and set up for lunch and the award ceremony.

Lunch was prepared by the Weber County Job Corps student culinary team and the menu consisted of hotdogs and burgers.There were over 40 volunteers, helping kids return their gear and find their way to the pavilion for lunch.It was really cool to see so many people intent on making the day a memorable event for someone else’s child. At the pavilion, we got word that one of the children had fallen in the water, and thanks to the generosity of one of the campers, who offered dry clothes and blankets, the girl warmed up and got right back into the festivities.

After lunch, the kids received a plaque and a medal from the C.A.S.T. Foundation and a goodie bag from Reclamation.Numerous sponsors contributed items for the raffle which raised money for next year’s event.The kids and their companions left with armloads of goodies and a feeling of belonging.At least that was my perception from the looks on their parent’s faces and the kids’ ear to ear smiles.

I would like to thank Name Tag, Inc. for helping sponsor this event. Funds are hard to come by and the way in which the organizers at Reclamation stretch their funds is truly amazing to me. The donation from Name Tag allowed us to put money toward some treats for the participants and their companions.This event is held annually, for more information, go to

New Non-Printed Lanyards Page


The process of renovating the website continues with the revision of the non-printed lanyards

The lanyards section is by far, the most time-consuming and difficult product line to rework, simply due to the large number of products and the vast number of options and add-ons.We’ll continue to revise each subsection of the lanyards line and will release each completed section individually, instead of waiting to release all of the pages at once.

We are hoping the new pages will make it easier to navigate through the various materials and will simplify the ordering process.

Visit the non-printed lanyards page and let us know what you think.

New Sample Request Page

samples-nameplates-nametags-ribbons-lanyards-priority shipping

We’ve revised our sample request process to provide you with more control of the products you’d like to sample. Our old sample request package contained 3 of our name tag styles (hot-stamped, engraved and printed) and a stamped ribbon.Though it showcased some of our capabilities, it was limited only to these items.

The new sample request page has now also been expanded to allow you to request products from all of our major product lines: name tags, ribbons, lanyards, name plates, and badge holders – select up to 4 different products.

We’ve also changed our shipping service from First Class Mail to Priority Mail, so now your sample request package should arrive much sooner – typically in 3 to 4 business days. Unfortunately, at this time, we are not able to provide samples outside of the United States.

Stop by the Sample Request page and give it a try!

*Please note: We have a variety of pre-designed samples that will be selected to best match your request, and you may select from the colors and fasteners you would most like to see. However, customized samples (customized with your name, logo, company, etc.) will not be sent out, unless they are paid for in full by the customer.