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About Name Tag Experience

Name Tag Experience is the official blog of Name Tag, Inc.

In addition to being your source for the latest news, updates and promotions from Name Tag, Inc., the true purpose of Name Tag Experience.com is to encourage our customers to share their Name Tag experiences.

Each month we receive numerous requests for reduced pricing/donations from various non-profit organizations for a particular event or activity. While these organizations typically do a great job creating awareness in their immediate surroundings, often times, awareness outside of this area is limited.

We are looking to help change that by providing ways for our clients to promote/educate/share their experiences. Ultimately, the goal is to create a free resource where ideas are exchanged, contacts are created and experiences are shared.

So sign up and start sharing your experiences!



Hello world!

Welcome to the re-launch of Name Tag Experience — a blog created and maintained by Name Tag, Inc. to help provide non-profit organizations, and businesses with resources to help spread messages about their events and experiences. It will also include how tos, and detailed explanations about our products and processes!

A large number of our customers are non-profit groups, and businesses so we are going to do everything we can to aid with purchases. This blog will provide advice, and guidelines to those who need it!


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