Customer Spotlight: Gracie’s Promise

Here’s a spotlight on one of our wonderful customers!Stop by and visit their website to give to this great cause.

“Gracie’s Promise is a non-profit charitable organization whose mission it is to raise funds and give financial assistance to families with members, primarily children 21 years of age or younger, battling catastrophic medical circumstances. These families will be selected from applications submitted to Gracie’s Promise.

In our rural regions, families often must travel long distances for multiple treatments at large urban hospitals for the results of severe illnesses and disabling accidents. This places extreme negative stress on work schedules, finances, and the emotional and spiritual well-being of the entire family.

Gracie’s Promise was created in 2009 to address these needs. Families whose applications are approved receive quarterly funds to pay whatever expenses they choose. The Board of Gracie’s Promise is committed to assist the family in this way as long as the family has needs and as long as Gracie’s Promise has resources. Thus fundraising is a large part of the work of Gracie’s Promise.

On August 13, 2010 we are holding our second annual “Celebration of Life” party at Saint Michaels amphitheater and square in Greeley, Colorado. Live bands, food, silent auctions, and fun for the kids are just the beginning!!

If you would like to follow, donate to, or learn more about our organization you can find us on Facebook or our website .”

Customer Spotlight: Gamers For Humanity

Gamers For Humanity is dedicated to providing gamers (people who play games of any kind–video games, role-playing games, board games, card games, dice games, word games, etc) with opportunities for volunteer work in their local communities and around the country.

We have focused our energies so far on providing games and toys for adults and children in need, and on helping to provide housing for those who have trouble affording a roof of their own over their heads. We have worked with Habitat For Humanity, we are currently organizing a game drive for several childrens’ organizations, and we will be organizing a yearly trip to New Orleans to assist the wonderful people down there with the ongoing rebuilding following hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Gamers For Humanity is new and growing, currently pursuing our 501(c)3 registration with the IRS. We have received support from a number of companies, NameTag, Inc. included, and we are extremely grateful. Drop us a line if you’re interested in what we’re doing, or if you think we can help you.

We have just completed a very busy Holiday Game Drive, collecting hundreds of pounds of food and over $1000 worth of games and toys for Iowa City charities. So…we’ve been busy.

In August 2008, Gamers For Humanity attended the Gen Con game convention in Indianapolis, IN–four days of games, gaming, and good people. We, however, spent a fifth day working with Habitat For Humanity, and the other four days fundraising at our booth in the Exhibitor’s Hall. We organized our first Game Drive there, collecting games and toys for the Indianapolis Ronald McDonald House, and the Wheeler Mission Ministry of Indianapolis. It was a big success, enough to make us decide to hold this recently finished drive for the holiday season.

We also collected enough donations at the convention to pay for our federal 501(c)3 application, so that status is now pending.

Name Tag, Inc was gracious enough to provide us with some excellent-looking badge ribbons for the convention, and I know for a fact that those ribbons really helped us establish our presence to the gaming community in our first year of existence. Gamers love badge ribbons, and our shiny blue ribbons were coveted by a lot of people. Luckily, we had a lot to go around.

We were so busy at the booth that we don’t have a lot of pictures ourselves, but here are a few. I’m waiting for more pictures to come in, and I’ll post them when they arrive.
Hardhats and Gamers!

Collections from the Game Drive:
Working with Habitat For Humanity

We were also able to use some of the leftover ribbons at a non-profit conference in October, to help spread the word about our mission. So the folks at Name Tag have helped us in more ways than one.

I hope the rest of you are finding success in your missions as well. Visit us at our website,, and check back here as well for more updates on our projects.

Tom J
Gamers For Humanity