Custom Printed Lanyards Have Arrived

dye sublimated lanyards-full color printed

At long last, Custom Printed Lanyards are now available on A great alternative to our basic, Non-Printed Lanyards, the Custom Printed Lanyards are currently available in four different styles:
Screen Printed

Full Color
The Custom Lanyards provide a unique way to advertise your brand while simultaneously maximizing the effectiveness of your other identification products.When used in conjunction with badge holders and printed name badge ribbons, the lanyards keep the set of products grouped nicely together and organized while providing a distinct look.In addition, they also make for a great after-the-event keepsake that can be worn by the attendee long after your event is over.

name tag-lanyards

Whether you are seeking the simple look and usability of the ever-popular Knitted Cotton line or the digital image printing capabilities of the Full Color line, the varying functions of the new custom lanyards will deliver a worthwhile branding investment at an affordable price.

Get yours today!

dye sublimated lanyards-full color printed

Donation Spotlight: Utah Youth Mentor Project

Utah Youth Mentor Project (UYMP) is a local non profit dedicated to easing the transition from foster care to independent living for youth aging out of foster care. UYMP matches a high risk youth with older, more mature mentors creating one to one friendships for a minimum of two years. There are many programs that help younger kids and adults, but UYMP is the only program that focuses on the 18-21 age range in mentoring.

UYMP is very active in the community and hosts activities monthly.  This month UYMP is hosting a community concert on April 25, 2010 @ 6:00 pm located at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.  Six bands will donate their time and talent to help make this concert a success.

Other activities UYMP hosts include: Dingo Party (dinner + bingo), Kite Party (lunch and games at the park), Community service projects, Resume workshops, Life skills training, FAFSA workshops and many other activities throughout the year.

Without community support UYMP would not exist. In kind donations such as badge holders and lanyards help make putting together activities for our youth, mentors, and friends possible.

Interested in our products? Stop by and get you own badge holders and lanyards today!

event-name tags-badge holders

A message from Lowcountry Honor Flight

“I wanted to thank Name Tag for donating name tags for all of the World War II Vets that are being flown to Washington to visit the monument.This maybe their last true adventure but what a wonderful one.They will leave the Charleston Airport on 4-24-2010 and fly to Washington free of charge.Due to the ages of the vets we needed name tags to make sure all were present and identified.When I asked Name Tag about donating they never hesitated.

Thank you to Name Tag for their part in making this trip possible.If you would like to learn more of the flight go to First Reliance Bank is helping to sponsor the trip and this generous gift from Name Tag will allow us to do more. Thank you again!!!”

Are you in need of a donation or would you like to get some name tags of your own?

If so please contact us at: 1-800-272-5729

or send us an email at:

Mighty Badges

reusable mighty badges-name tag

Mighty Badges – Reusable Name Tags
Material: 0.02 Inch Thick Metal

Process: 3 Piece System: 1) Metal Back Plate 2) Printable Insert 3) Protective Domed Lens

Logo Compatible: Yes — Printed

Styles: Gold, Silver or White Metal Back Plate

Sizes: 0.5 x 2.0 | 0.75 x 2.5 | 1 x 2.75 | 1 x 3 | 1.5 x 3 | 0.95 x 2.75 | 1.625 x 1.625 | 1.7 x 2.57 | 2.15 x 3.37 | 1.284 x 1.976

Upgrades: N/A

Production Time: Standard: Same Day (If Ordered by 2 PM MT – Qty Under 100) | Pre-printed Logo: 7-10 Business Days

Product Description: Ideal reusable name tags for banks, hotels, casinos and other public services, the composition and functionality of our Mighty Badges make them the ideal permanent or reusable solution for business use.


In these tough economic times it may be easy to assume that name badges are an unnecessary luxury, especially if you have a high rate of employee turnover.In reality they should really be viewed as a wise investment: every worker deserves to be fitted with their own personalized, professional name tag, one that lets their customers know that they are here to service their needs.

With its metallic back plate, replaceable insert, and domed lens cover, the Mighty Badge is the most durable and elegant reusable badge we offer.The metallic plate provides a quality look and sturdy foundation: one that won’t easily bend or break and can be left blank or printed with your logo.The clear domed lens easily detaches from the plate, allowing you to quickly replace the printed, transparency inserts, while simultaneously protecting your badge from scratches and damage.

The beauty of the Mighty Badge is that even if your company has a limited budget, you can still provide a branded name tag to your employees.When an employee leaves, you don’t need to throw away their name tag, simply replace the name/title on the old insert with a new, reprinted insert.Since each insert can be replaced and personalized with a name, title, or any other relevant information, the Mighty badge is compatible with a high turnover or a more permanent work force; making it the most adaptive identification system.

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reusable mighty badges--name tag

Syndi Seid and Advanced Etiquette names Name Tag, Inc. their Exclusive Recommended Name Badge Provider

“Name Tag, Inc. is one of those rare companies that believes in providing quality services and products in a very special way… making each customer feel special. Similarly, because of our belief in only working with the best, Syndi Seid’s Advanced Etiquette is proud to name Name Tag, Inc. our preferred and exclusive recommended name badge provider.
In appreciation, we would like to extend a special offer to all Name Tag, Inc. customers, a 10% discount on any of our services, just by mentioning Name Tag, Inc. as the referring entity. If you liked our article on Name Tag Etiquette, we also invite you to subscribe to our “Etiquette Tip of the Month” newsletter at no charge.
For complete details on all our services and to enroll in our newsletter, see We pledge to always providing the best the best in delivering fun, unique learning experiences on the most up-to-date information on international business and social etiquette and protocol.”

Syndi Seid – Founder

Syndi Seid is the world’s leading etiquette trainer, celebrity speaker and founder of San Francisco-based Advanced Etiquette.
Major companies like Hewlett-Packard Worldwide, Sprint International, National Semiconductor, Marriott Hotels, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and the Miss Universe Pageant trust her to train their employees to avoid social faux pas that could lead to major business and political blunders.

As founder of Advanced Etiquette worldwide, Syndi helps senior executives, business professionals, and main-line employees overcome their fears and insecurities to find poise, confidence, and authority in any social situation, anywhere in the world.