A quick post from An Infinite Mind

A quick thank you from “An Infinite Mind”.

“An Infinite Mind is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to educating the public and professional community about trauma based dissociation with a primary focus on Dissociative Identity Disorder in an effort to dispel the myths and stigmas attached to it. An Infinite Mind is proud to announce our first annual Healing Together Conference;an educational and support conference on DID. We aim to bring together people with DID, their supporters, and therapists in the field to learn from each other the best ways to heal. We are thankful to Name Tag for being such wonderful supporters of our conference.”

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The Four C’s of Name Tags

ribbons-badge holders-engraved signs
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Convenience –
Your customers keep you in business, and the last thing you want is for your customers to wander around your store with no idea as to who will help them. With name badges, your customers will easily identify your staff and will be saved the frustration of asking around.

Comfort –
When your customers know your name and can easily identify you, it makes them more comfortable around you and your store, so they’ll be more inclined to take advantage of your services.

Communication –
Many larger organizations choose to give their employees name badges as a way to help internal communication.It can take a while to learn peoples’ names, but name badges make it easy to associate a face with the name!

Consistency –
For any kind of brand awareness, consistency is king.It can be tempting to hand out name badges to your employees and just tell them to write their names and information on a blank insert sheet.While this is certainly better than not having any name badge at all, I highly recommend printing your branding on all of your insert sheets.If you don’t have time to set up each name and print them on the inserts, at least make sure you have your company name and/or logo visible for people to see, so they instantly recognize you and your employees as part of your company, and not just any regular event attendee.

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Each month, we receive multiple donation requests from non-profit organizations. Starting this year, our goal is to donate to 2 organizations per month. Since we have a limited budget and can’t help every organization, we try to select those which need our products/services most and are committed enough to the process of following through with our donation requirements.

Ultimately, our goal is to help out organizations in need of our products who may not otherwise be able to afford them. In addition to products, we also leverage our on-line presence to help create awareness and discussion about your organization or event.

If you’d like to request for a donation, please email marketing@nametag.com. Please be sure to include the following:

General information about your organization, mission, history, etc.
Item(s) for which you are requesting the donation.
An estimated quantity of the requested items.
Please note: due to the high number of donation requests, we will not be able to make a donation to every request; regardless, you will receive a personalized response to your donation request.

Email us @ marketing@nametag.com!

Branding on a Budget!

name tags-conference tagsIf you’ve been to any conferences or business meetings then you’ve probably seen or worn these stick-on name tags before.

Are these the best choice, you ask?

First of all, wearing one of these tags is better than wearing no name tag at all. They are inexpensive, and it can be fun to let your creative side shine through by writing or drawing on them yourself. On the other hand, they do wrinkle and tear easily. Secondly, they’re much harder to brand than more traditional name tags. It can be hard to read your hand-written name and company on a wrinkled name tag. However, these can also be run through a printer. This would eliminate the need for handwriting your name and company. You always want to make a positive and memorable impression. This is the first rule of any decent branding strategy for meeting potential clients and business partners.

So if the most inexpensive option is not what we are looking for, what is?

If you want your the effects of your branding to be more permanent and long lasting, your name tags ought to be too. This doesn’t mean you have to spend top dollar on a set of name tags with each employee’s name printed or engraved permanently onto each badge (But we do those too!). Plenty of lower-cost options exist which give your organization the ability to reuse branded, professional badges for multiple events or employees.reusable mighty badges-dye sublimated logo-name tag-window badge
Mighty Badges are a fantastic product to use in any setting – especially if you handle smaller events and rotate volunteers in and out, or need new logos for each event.
They are elegant, and highly reusable. They are also the top reusable seller among Non-Profits. They’re affordable, and clean looking. Print names and even your logo onto the transparent insert sheets for a crisp, well thought out look that is sure to make a memorable impression.

reusable mighty badges--name tagFor conferences or other large-scale events, Badge Holders are one of the more recognizable and popular products because they’re sturdy, easy to use, and rather inexpensive. Additionally, you can attach Ribbons to your Badge Holders to further separate yourself and your staff from the pack of unbranded fools!
These are three products that allow you to further your branding strategy without breaking the bank.

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Name Tags: Same-day Production & 4 Hour Proofs

name tags-name plates-badge holders

You’ve asked and we’ve listened…introducing same-day production and four hour proof times; now available as standard options on all of our styles of name tags.

All name tag orders placed before 11 AM Mountain Time with a quantity of less than 25 will receive our new same-day production standard completely free of charge.

In addition to the improved production time, we’ve reduced the standard proof time from two business days to four business hours.And, like the improved production schedule, the revamped proof times are now also standard and free of charge.

We realize that your workday is busy and filled with plenty of other pressing priorities, which is why we want to make the name tag ordering process as simple and hassle-free as possible.With our faster proof and production times, you can place your order, confirm the design on the proof and have your name tags produced and shipped – all in the same day.

To view all of our different name tag styles, visit our nametags page today.

*Hot-Stamped Name Tags will require an additional 2 business days for the creation of the metal die — next day production will begin once your logo die has been created.Next day production is the standard option for orders of less than 100 name tags — larger quantities may require additional production time.