2009 – Holiday Hours – Production/Shipping Times

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Holiday Hours: (Name Tag, Inc. will be closed on the following days)

December 24th – December 25th – January 1st

Production Times:

If the standard production time of your order falls in between any of these days, please add an extra day for each day that we are closed.

Production Times: (Rosette Ribbons – Full Color Ribbons – Vinyl Name Badges)

Production on any of these products, received after the 18th of December, will not begin until Monday January 5th.

Shipping Times:

UPS, our shipping provider, will also be closed on the same days listed above.
If your delivery date falls in between any of these days, please an an extra day for each day that we are closed.

Sorry for the inconvenience and Happy Holidays from everyone here at Name Tag, Inc.

Acrylic Name Plates

black acrylic name plate-modern-name plates

We are excited to introduce the latest addition to our nameplate product line, the Modern Acrylic Name Plates.

Laser engraved on a clear or black acrylic block, the Modern Acrylic Plates can front or back engraved, with each method producing a different look.If engraved from the front of the block, the end result produces a solid looking name plate block; if engraved from the back, the reflections and refractions create a crystal-like appearance.

While the Acrylic Plates make for great upscale, quality name plates, they are also great corporate and individual gifts that can easily be customized and personalized with a message.

For additional information, including product specifications, samples, production times, and pricing, please visit our Modern Name Plates product page.

Thank can be found here: 


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Metal Name Tags – Predefined

predefined-metal-name tags-name tag

An excellent choice for those who don’t need a logo, the predefined styles are an affordable option for metal name tags.Much like the plastic predefined styles, you may choose from 11 predefined styles — each varying in size and the number of engraving lines.

We are also excited to introduce our new picture frames, exclusive to the metal name tag line. Available on any of the 1 x 3 and 1.5 x 3 styles, the picture frames fit around the edges of the tag, giving it a bordered appearance to help create a professional styled name tag.

With prices starting at $5.24 per tag, minimum quantity of 5, turnaround time of 2 days and no setup costs, the predefined metal name tags are a great value on a quality name tag.

Get yours today by clicking this link!