Name Tags: Pros and Cons

All personalized identification comes with pros and cons.

Seeing them listed can help you to see why you should be wearing a name tag every day!

PROS and CONS: Case #1

Con, From: A Case Against Name Tags
They’re not very chic. They encourage tacky behavior. And there are better ways to introduce and connect people.

Pro, From: Do the Name Tags at Your Event Suck?
Tools like business cards and name tags are the hardest working elements of high-performance collaboration in meetings, events, and social occasions, and we barely give them a thought when we design them.

Pro, From: Name Tag, Inc.
pros and cons for name tags using logos versus just namesName tags and name badges provide necessary corporate and company branding. This branding is important for all marketing needs. It distinguishes you from your competition and helps others to more readily recognize your quality. By using logos on name tags, you can create a focus to help drive your business.

PROS and CONS: Case #2

Con, From: A Case Against Name Tags
If you want get people interacting (at large events), I think you should take a more interesting, active approach. Traditional name tags aren’t just tacky. They’re lazy.

Pro, From: Name Tag, Inc.
pros and cons for name tags using logos versus just namesWhile adhesive name badges can be considered tacky, there are less traditional ways of handling large groups. Choose from a variety of other reusable name badge options. Speedy Badges and Mighty Badges are both great for using in large meetings or conventions. Each insert can be printed so names are all the same size. And they can even be printed with colors and logos to make them stand out.

PROS and CONS: Case #3

Con, From: Ditch Those Employee Nametags Now, These Customer Service Experts Say
And then there’s the elephant in the room, so obvious I wasn’t sure I’d even mention it. Employees hate name badges. And the more creative and quirky the employee, the more likely they are to hate them. As the newest generation of employees are millennials, a very, very creative and quirky generation, and it’s best not to start an adversarial relationship with your employee at the word “go,” this is another factor to consider.

Pro, From: Name Tag, Inc.
pros and cons for name tags using logos versus just namesWith a “creative and quirky” generation coming into the work force, name tags can be fun! Make them bright and interactive. Who says a name tag has to be boring? Add logos and graphics. Choose from an abundance of colors. There are metal name tags and plastic name badges. Whatever your choice, personalize it to meet your employee needs.

Overall, name tags are something that should stand out.

Make them memorable with your company branding, customization and personalization!

5 thoughts on “Name Tags: Pros and Cons”

  1. I can heartily endorse name tags. I want to engage with people, and not be worrying about a brain fart that I’m having a conversation with X can’t remember their name. I don’t care that you don’t like them; if you aren’t happy, proud, you pick with your company/job, leave. Otherwise, sell yourself and your business each time you meet and put it on. Be known with a simple name tag, your business will grow and your peers will appreciate it. And you will be more professional with it on!

  2. I personally believe name tags are a must! We live in the 21st century and people have been more busy than ever! With hectic lifestyles it’s hard to remember ever lil single detail about passwords, passcodes, important school or doctor’s appointments, birthdays, and the last thing you need is to remember your favorite cashier, librarian, neighbor, police officer, or sales person at your favorite furniture, or clothing store! I truly believe businesses make life easier on consumers by having their employees wear name tags, and I believe that it’s more personal.

  3. I think the company branding is a great thing to have. You really can’t go wrong because it helps to make sure that you have the right kinds of materials for it. I think it would really make a difference to have a nameplate made from quality materials.

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