Moving Day is Here!

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Things have been pretty interesting lately here at Name Tag. This week we got packed up and prepared for our move and finished as many orders as possible before shutting down operations today.

Beyond trying to get orders out ahead of time, we’ve been boxing everything up and taking down shelves, labeling chairs and desks so they go to the right places, and setting up some stations at the new building.

The majority of the move will be done by movers over the weekend and some people will come in to set up on Sunday. Hopefully we’ll be back up and running without a hitch on Monday.

Most of us are pretty excited for the new building because it’s much nicer and tailored specifically for each department. It’s especially exciting because it’s the biggest growth spurt we’ve had as a company and we won’t have to share our space with anyone else anymore (that’s not to say that our current neighbors weren’t wonderful.)

See how we can more efficiently handle your orders next week in our new and improved facility. We’re always looking at streamlining our processes to work better for our customers.

Try out our excellent customer service today!

name tags-nameplates-nametags-ribbons-lanyards-shipping

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