One Year Anniversary!

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Yesterday marks the one year anniversary of Coller Industries/Name Tag, Inc moving into it’s brand new building. This same time last year we were packing up and moving to our fantastic new location on 2211 S. 300 W, Salt Lake City, UT.

To celebrate our anniversary in our new place we had a Taco Potluck! It was fantastic. We have such an incredible team here at Coller Industries/Name Tag, Inc.They are friendly, helpful, and would love to help you out with an order today!

Give us a call at:



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Name Tag’s Annual Summer Party!

This last weekend we all got together at a fun little park in Taylorsville for our annual company BBQ. Every year our generous owners get together and throw the employees a party. Last year we went to Lagoon. This year the company rented out a bouncy house, there was face painting for the kids, and everyone got to enjoy an amazing spread from Sugarhouse Barbeque.

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Look at all of that food!

We sure had a blast! Below are some of the pictures from our get together!

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Our face painting station. Melanie is our fantastic face painting artist. Our CS rep. Traci waits to have her face painted with her son, Ian.






Name Tag Day is a huge success!

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A couple of weeks ago we made a huge donation in order to support a new holiday being started in New York, called Name Tag Day. June 1st has come and gone and the holiday was a huge success!

The whole goal of Name Tag Day is to get people to open up to each other and talk! On that day hundreds and hundreds of Instagram and Twitter posts poured in with pictures of people wearing name tags, and connecting.

We couldn’t be more pleased to hear that this event went well. Name Tag, Inc’s donation process is all about helping people.

We received this letter from them:

“Dear Name Tag, Inc. team,

We just completed Nametag Day to incredible success, with 100 volunteers giving out 20,000 name tags. We can honestly say that we couldn’t have done this without you.

Because you saw the potential for this day early on and were so supportive, giving Nametag Day such an incredible boost we’ve been able to better get the word out and more effectively spread joy.

Thank you again!

Ale, Brett, Dina, Julia, Matt, Mike Nick, Pete, and Tim”

Thank you, guys for the sweet thank you note! We are so glad that everything went so well!

Would your organization benefit from a donation? Please feel free to contact us with your information! We can be reached at

Would you like to purchase some adhesive name tags of your own?

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A Very Name Tag Christmas

On Friday Dec. 7th we had our work Christmas party at The Red Lion Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City. This is the same venue that we had the pleasure of using last year, and they we equally excellent this year. There was a large banquet of food, and lots of prizes organized by our fantastic employees Eboni, Whitney, and Shennell. These girls worked so hard to make the party as enjoyable as it was! Thank you to each of them!
Some of our employees all dressed up for the party.
After dinner as everyone’s food was settling we played bingo for prizes. There we’re a lot of prizes!

Every year our generous employers give us a gift. This year we received coffee mugs with our names on them, and pocket knives with our company logo on them. In addition, everyone received an incredibly generous Christmas bonus. We have the privilege of working for a wonderful company that takes good care of us. We couldn’t be more grateful to our amazing owners, Clyde and Marilyn Coller.