Do ID Badges Belong in Schools?

Photo ID Badges with full color pictures and school information.

Imagine a time where students can order their lunches and do many other things with ID badges. For example, this could help reduce the stigma some children get if they are receiving subsidized lunches.

It’s time to weigh in on a slightly controversial topic: do photo IDs and lanyards belong in schools? From the evidence so far, it seems the benefits outweigh the negative aspects. However, until recently, we weren’t aware that a few schools had already started using them and we hope you find the subject interesting as well.

ID Badges Pros:

First off, having picture IDs in schools would be a way to help students get to know each other faster and remember names so they can focus more on their schoolwork. In addition, if students and faculty have photo ID badges, it would be much easier to tell if someone is supposed to be at the school or not.

ID Badges Cons:

Sure, there would be an added cost, and students would likely lose tags, but it would teach them responsibility if they had to pay for their replacements. We think the added cost is negligible next to social advancement and added security benefits. The only other concern could be privacy.

Some schools, such as those in the Fort Zumwalt School District and the School of the Future, have already implemented picture IDs for security and research.

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