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Coller Industries prides itself on our contributions to our community. Donations to repeat customers make our work completely worth it.

While we care about all of our customers, we love it when we have customers that feel comfortable coming back to us every year. Part of our community of caring means that we give back to this local community. With being the go-to specialist for all personal identification needs, Coller Industries enjoys donating name tags and other custom items to those who need a little bit of help.

coller industries customer donations to neighborhood house will help with their volunteer efforts

This time, Neighborhood House of Salt Lake City needed our help to keep their costs down. They are a wonderful organization and they work with a lot of people. Constantly needing to identify these individuals can get expensive.

Coller Industries donated name tags for Neighborhood House staff, board and committee members which will help make them more visible during events,” said Breighlin Johanson, Development Coordinator for Neighborhood House.

“Neighborhood House board and committee members are volunteers from our community who donate their time and talent to our Children’s Programs and Adult Day Services, helping make sure we operate an excellent non-profit with high-quality care available to low-income families in Salt Lake,” Johanson further explained.

Logo Name Tags

Logo name tagThese name tags, chosen from a variety of colors, are engraved plastic. Each name tag featured someone’s name, title and the Neighborhood House logo. These name tags are a great representation of how versatile Coller Industries’ products are. Each name tag is personally inspected to make sure it meets our quality standards and then it is sent to the customer.

“Thank you again for Coller Industries’ generosity,” Johanson said. “Donations from partners like Coller Industries allow Neighborhood House to direct funds where they are needed most. This empowers low-income families to access quality, affordable day care and supportive services.”

We are grateful for organizations such as the Neighborhood House. All of our donations are something that help us stand out from our competition. And the best part is working with wonderful people just like this!

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