Customer Donations: The Cheesecake Factory

By now, you should know that donations are a large part of what makes us, well, us!

Coller Industries might just be your go-to specialist for all personal identification needs, but did you know that we care about all of our customers? Well, it’s true, we do! And part of that caring means that we give back. Not only to our local community, but to all of our customers. We do this by giving donations of our goods to those in need. And we are happy to announce that we’ve done it again!

customer donations to the cheesecake factory from coller industries

This month’s donation went to The Cheesecake Factory Oscar and Evelyn Overton Charitable Foundation. Now that’s a mouthful! But look at what they have to say for themselves.

The Cheesecake Factory has inherited a tradition of excellence from our founders, Oscar and Evelyn Overton. (Their values have) shaped our culture and continue to define (the company’s) character today. It is with these values in mind that we proudly established The Cheesecake Factory Charitable Foundation in 2001.

The foundation exists to fulfill its mission through enhancing surrounding communities’ well-being. This non-profit organization was created not only as a means to raise funds for worthy causes, but also as a way to unite our caring and conscientious staff members in charitable causes.

Monica Schneider, Foundation Intern at The Cheesecake Factory, said, “We greatly appreciate Coller Industries’ generosity (in supporting our foundation and efforts).”

name tags badge holders 3x4 and colored inserts given as donationswoven lanyards given as donations from coller industriesThe foundation was given badge holders and inserts as well as black flat lanyards.



Schneider went on to explain how the badge holders and lanyards would benefit the foundation. “The 14th Annual Charity Golf Tournament and Auction brings together The Cheesecake Factory vendors, associates and corporate staff members to raise much needed funds. Money raised expands Foundation programs and provides a substantial donation to the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center.”

“As a result of the 2015 Tournament, the Foundation donated $205,000 to City of Hope,” exclaimed Schneider.

We are grateful for organizations such as The Cheesecake Factory Charitable Foundation. All of our donations are sincerely something that helps us stand out from our competition.

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