A Complete Guide to Badge Reels

Retractable badge reels are easy to use and show proper identification.

badge reels and personal identification are a great way to brand employees and volunteers

What are badge reels?
Badge reels are a personal identification accessory that allows someone to keep their name tag on them at all times. Typically, badge reels are made from a durable plastic and contain a retractable cord making them perfect for “functional” name tags, name badges and badge holders. They come with either a bull dog clip or a belt clip. They can also be ordered with a lanyard to wear it around your neck. They also give the option of customizing the fabric with logos and text as well as the reel casing. A customized lanyard with a badge reel will help make any brand stand out from the competition.

How does a retractable badge reel work?
The retractable cord is simply pulled away from the casing and then released to have it slide back in. This feature is perfect when needing to keep a name badge or other item easily accessible.

Who typically uses these retractable badge reels?
They are commonly used in office complexes and other organizations. Students are also frequently seen wearing badge reels. You can find them everywhere. Not only are they great for photo identification and name tags, but they can also hold keys and smaller items such as mini tools.

badge reels with lanyards are great for text and logosWhere are they used the most?
Retractable badge reels are most often used at companies and organizations with keyless entry systems. However, they can be used anywhere you might see personal identification. Any business, school or organization can benefit from the use of these retractable badge reels. They are handy to have at meetings and conventions as most of the styles can be custom made with text and logos. Customize a badge reel to market your brand and company anywhere.

When are these commonly seen?
With an extendable cord, these retractable reels are perfect for any occasion. Use them to hold badge holders or other photo identification during conventions, conferences and other such meetings. They are also a great tool to attach to keys or other items that need to be kept accessible. Both options (with or without a lanyard) can be fully customized to promote any brand or logo.

Why should you use a these reels?
These retractable badge reels are increasing in popularity due to their simple and effective promotional uses. They come in a variety of colors and styles. The unique feature of the retractable cord makes these ideal for offices and other companies that use photo identification which is also used as a key or time card.

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