Adhesive Name Badges For Games

Here are three great games to keep kids busy and active this summer! Play them at parties or just as a great way to get kids out with their friends.

adhesive name badgesGrab That Badge!

This game helps get children moving among a group to learn other kid’s names and mingle more. One child should be chosen as the group leader and has everyone form a circle. He or she will then pass out adhesive name badges and pens to each child. The badges should still have the backing on them so the sticky side is not exposed. Each child writes his or her name on the badge. After everyone is done, the group leader collects all the name badges and mixes them up. The group leader will then give each child an adhesive name badge and tells everyone to peel off the backing and place the name badge on the back of the person sitting to his or her right. The members of the group must then wander through the group and search for the name badge with his or her name. Once they find it, they will take it from the person wearing it. The game becomes extra entertaining if someone’s name badge ends up on his or her own back.

adhesive name badge sheetsSteal A Friend!

A group leader will need to be chosen for this game as well. This group leader will give each child an adhesive name badge and a pen. Everyone will write his or her name in the middle of the name badge, but will need to leave room for other things. In each corner, the child will need to write in the following: one or two activities he or she enjoys (e.g. running, seeing movies, dancing), one or two movies he or she enjoys, one or two favorite musicians or musical groups, and one or two words he or she thinks describes himself or herself. After everyone finishes filling out their name badges, he or she will attach them to the front of his or her shirt and wander about the room. The point of this game is to locate a friend that has the same thing written down on his or her name badge. Each child will have to team up with four other friends. The game ends when at least two groups of five children have been formed. Here’s where the game gets fun, the catch to this game is that without having a group of five children, each friend may be “stolen” to finish another group. Once a group is complete, the children cannot be “stolen” for another group.

adhesive name badgesWho Am I?

Start this game with pre-written adhesive name badges. Each name badge should have a famous person’s name written on it; make sure each name is appropriate for the age group. Stick the name badges on each child’s back until everyone has one. Each child is allowed to ask three yes or no questions to others and then must guess whose name is on their back. For example, the guesser might ask questions like, referring to the name on his or her back, “Am I a woman?” or “Am I a man?” Each question must be phrased as to only receive a yes or a no answer. Other questions might be “Is she an athlete?” “Is he a movie star?” etc. After three questions, the child will have to venture a guess. The game continues until everyone has guessed whose name is on his or her back.

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