A Very Name Tag Christmas

On Friday Dec. 7th we had our work Christmas party at The Red Lion Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City. This is the same venue that we had the pleasure of using last year, and they we equally excellent this year. There was a large banquet of food, and lots of prizes organized by our fantastic employees Eboni, Whitney, and Shennell. These girls worked so hard to make the party as enjoyable as it was! Thank you to each of them!
Some of our employees all dressed up for the party.
After dinner as everyone’s food was settling we played bingo for prizes. There we’re a lot of prizes!

Every year our generous employers give us a gift. This year we received coffee mugs with our names on them, and pocket knives with our company logo on them. In addition, everyone received an incredibly generous Christmas bonus. We have the privilege of working for a wonderful company that takes good care of us. We couldn’t be more grateful to our amazing owners, Clyde and Marilyn Coller.