A message from Lowcountry Honor Flight

“I wanted to thank Name Tag for donating name tags for all of the World War II Vets that are being flown to Washington to visit the monument.This maybe their last true adventure but what a wonderful one.They will leave the Charleston Airport on 4-24-2010 and fly to Washington free of charge.Due to the ages of the vets we needed name tags to make sure all were present and identified.When I asked Name Tag about donating they never hesitated.

Thank you to Name Tag for their part in making this trip possible.If you would like to learn more of the flight go to www.honorflightlowcountry.com. First Reliance Bank is helping to sponsor the trip and this generous gift from Name Tag will allow us to do more. Thank you again!!!”

Are you in need of a donation or would you like to get some name tags of your own?

If so please contact us at: 1-800-272-5729

or send us an email at: nametag@nametag.com

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