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Style G - Black with Gold nametag

Make your brand even stronger by adding your company name to your name tags. Choose plastic or metal material then have fun exploring our various styling options. Will your name tags have a dome finish or beveled edges? Will they have magnetic or pin fasteners? It's up to you. No matter how you personalize your name tags, you can be certain they will add value to your company.

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Product Specifications

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Plastic Name Tags (Style G)

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Product Specifications

Smaller text at the top, with a hairline underneath, is the perfect way to add your company name to these tags. Customize from a large selection of fasteners, fonts and material colors. Upgrade with a classy frame or epoxy dome to create the perfect name tag. Because you are using a template design, no set-up fee is required.

1 x 3 inch with a horizontal line and two lines of text.
LINE ONE: Maximum of 24 characters
LINE TWO: Maximum of 18 characters

PLASTIC: Two-ply, 0.06 inch thick plastic makes a durable two-color name tag. The top layer will be laser engraved, revealing the color for your text. Select from 30 color combinations for your plastic tags.

FONT: Available fonts range from san-serifs like Avante Garde to traditional serifs like Garamond. With 17 fonts to choose from, you are sure to find what you need. Text will be condensed if needed for longer names and titles.

FASTENER: Upgrade to magnetic fasteners which will hold your name tags in place no matter how active your are. Pins and double clutch fasteners are available at no additional cost.

PRODUCTION: If a list is entered using this form, your order may ship within one business day.

Quantity Pricing Tables

PRICE INCLUDES: 1x3 inch name tag (style G), two lines of engraving with horizontal rule, and a standard fastener (pin, bulldog clip with pin, double clutch).

SHIPPING: Shipping times and costs will be displayed in the shopping cart.
Plastic Name Tag$7.84$7.46$6.67$5.50$4.32$3.94$3.53$3.14$2.91Call
*Classy Name Tag Frame$3.00$3.00$3.00$3.00$3.00$3.00$3.00$3.00$3.00Call
*Domed Surface$3.50$3.50$3.50$3.50$3.50$3.50$3.50$3.50$3.50Call
*Magnetic Fastener$1.25$1.25$1.25$1.25$1.25$1.25$1.10$1.00$0.95Call

*Add the cost of these optional upgrades to the cost of your tags for the total product cost.

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