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Coller Industries, Incorporated

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Style F - Mirror red with gold engraving

Fit longer names and job titles on these Classic Name Tags that come with tons of color and font options for branding. Whether you add a classy frame, dome finish or magnet fastener, these crisp, two-color metal tags will look fabulous with any work attire.

Add your business logo as well as job titles with Logo Name Tags

Description: 1 x 3 inches; two lines of text (18 characters, 26 characters).

Product Specifications

Quantity Pricing

Metal Name Tags (Style F)

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Product Specifications

SIZE: 1 x 3 inches with two lines of text.
First Line: Up to 18 characters
Second Line: Up to 26 characters

COLOR: Lacquer or mirror colors have gold or silver text. For gold and silver tags, the laser oxidizes the surface to create dark gray or black text.

FASTENER: Add a pin or double clutch for no charge, or upgrade to a deluxe magnetic fastener for only $1.10 per tag.

DOME FINISH: Protects your tags from scratches; adds one day to production time.

FONT: Several serif and sans-serif fonts are available.

PRODUCTION: Since no proof approval is required, production is one business day for orders up to 99 tags.

Quantity Pricing Tables

PRICE INCLUDES: A 1 x 3 inch name tag (Template Style F), with two lines of engraving and a standard fastener (pin or double clutch).

SHIPPING: Shipping costs will be displayed in the shopping cart.

Metal Name Tag$8.18$7.78$6.95$5.73$4.50$4.11$3.68$3.28$3.02Call
*Classy Name Tag Frame$3.00$3.00$3.00$3.00$3.00$3.00$3.00$3.00$3.00Call
*Domed Surface$3.75$3.75$3.75$3.75$3.75$3.75$3.75$3.75$3.75Call
*Magnetic Fastener$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.45$1.40$1.35Call

*Add the cost of these optional upgrades to the cost of your tags for the total product cost.

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