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Coller Industries, Incorporated

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Driving Influence with Quality Identification
Name Tags with Logo

Logo Name Tags

Celebrate your brand by adding a company logo to new name tags. From a single color, engraved logo to full-color and UV graphics, each image will look great on either plastic or metal materials. We even hot-stamp logos with metallic foils.

Color Logos

Engraved Logos

Hot-Stamped Logos

These tags are made for logos, so if you don't need one try a Classic Name Tag.

PROOF APPROVAL: Production will begin as soon as we receive an approved proof and a properly formatted list for engraving.
QUANTITY DISCOUNTS: The bigger your order, the better the discount. See individual order pages for more details.
EASE OF ORDERING: Once you place your order, the information and custom layout are maintained to make reordering easier.
FAST, FRIENDLY SERVICE: Our customer service representatives process each order quickly and stay in touch during the entire process in case you have questions.

Trust us with your personalized identification needs and we'll guarantee your satisfaction.

Name Tags with a Full-Color Logo

example of a multicolor logo

By adding your multi-color logo to these top-of-the-line name tags, you are sure to get the best bang for your buck. With low minimums and the best pricing around, you'll be happy you came to us with your color blends and shading needs. We guarantee to provide the best Full-Color Logo Name Tag you have ever had.

Name Tags With An Engraved Logo

example of a one color logo for engraving

These high-quality, low-cost name tags feature a single color for your logo needs. Each name tag has a two-color profile with engraved logos and names, and every selection is sure to get the attention your brand deserves. Choose your size, color and get your brand out there shining above your competitors.

Name Tags with a Hot-Stamped Logo

two color logo for hot-stamping, star uses a metallic foil.

Hot-stamping provides a beautiful metallic look to any monotone logo. From metallic silver or gold to matte white or black, your hot-stamped logo will look amazing next to each engraved name and title. And, on these two-ply plastic name tags, your branding is sure to grab your customer's attention.

Classic Name Tags (No logo)

Not every name tag needs a logo. Choose from metal or plastic name tags. Use one of our template designs or create a custom layout that is unique to you.

Name Tag, Inc. carries a wide selection of name tags, name badges and badge holders. If you don't see what you want, give us a call and we'll help you find it.
Large selection and Low prices!

Name tag pricing is dependant on the product configuration. For comparison purposes, this page shows the prices for a 1x3 name tag with one line of engraving, a logo as described in the process below, and a standard fastener. Complete pricing tables are available on each order page.

Name Tags With an Engraved Logo

Laser engraved text and logo: Selected material color combination will determine the color of the engraved logo and text.

SET-UP FEES: $25.00 (No set-up fee is charged on re-orders of the same layout).

Plastic Name Tag w/ Engraved Logo$7.45$7.08$6.34$5.22$4.10$3.74Call
Metal Name Tag w/ Engraved Logo$7.77$7.39$6.61$5.44$4.28$3.90Call

Name Tags With a Full Color Logo

UV Color Logo: The logo will be UV printed, the text will be engraved.

Digital Full Color: Printed text and logo. Bleeds and printed backgrounds may be possible.

SET-UP FEES: $35.00 (No set-up fee is charged on re-orders of the same layout).

Plastic Name Tag w/ UV Color Logo$7.60$7.22$6.46$5.32$4.18$3.81Call
Metal Name Tag w/ UV Color Logo$8.38$7.96$7.12$5.87$4.61$4.20Call
Digitally Printed Plastic Name Tag$8.04$7.64$6.83$5.63$4.42$4.03Call

Name Tags With a Hot-Stamped Color Logo

The logo will be hot-stamped onto the plastic using metal stamps and foil, the text will be engraved. Maximum of three colors in the logo. Metallic foils are available. Logo colors are limited by availability of foils.


  • First order (includes required metal stamp(s)): $45.00 for one color, $75.00 for two colors, $100.00 for three colors.
  • Reorders of the same layout: $5.00 for one color, $7.50 for two colors, $10.00 for three colors.

Plastic Name Tag w/ 1 Color Hot-Stamp Logo$7.60$7.22$6.46$5.32$4.18$3.81Call
Plastic Name Tag w/ 2 Color Hot-Stamp Logo$8.98$8.53$7.63$6.28$4.94$4.50Call
Plastic Name Tag w/ 3 Color Hot-Stamp Logo$10.36$9.84$8.80$7.24$5.70$5.19Call

Name tags with any of the following: Engraved logo, UV color logo, hot-stamped logo.


Name tags with an engraved logo.


Name tags will have a UV color logo and names printed on a metal material.

Metal UV colors.

Digitally printed name tags. White will not print using the digital printing process. Digital printing is translucent, polar white plastic is recommended.


Hot-stamped logos are generally used for metallic colors only. If ordering a hot-stamped logo, the logo must meet certain requirements. It must be a one color logo or the logo must contain a metallic color option. If neither of these requirements is met, please order your name tag as a UV Color logo.

  *Metallic Silver   *Matte Metallic Gold   White
  *Metallic Gold   *Matte Metallic Silver   Black
  *Metallic Copper        

*Metallic and Matte colors are not properly represented digitally.

name tag with a full color logo
UV Color & Full Color

Unlimited colors including gradients and color blends. UV Name Tags will have engraved text. Digitally Printed Name Tags will have printed text and logo.

$35.00 set-up fee on first order only.

plastic and metal name tags with an engraved logo

Logo and text will be engraved creating a two color tag. Color will be determined by the material chosen.

$25.00 set-up fee on first order only.

name tag with a hot stamp logo

Colors must be chosen from available foils; metallic foils are available. Purchase of a metal stamp for each color is required.

Set-up fees (includes metal stamp): one-color logo: $45,
two color logo: $75 (add $25 for additional colors).
Set-up fee for reorders of the same layout: one-color logo: $5 (add $2.50 for each additional color).

Customer Service
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Toll Free: 1-800-272-5729

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