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Create-A-Shape Custom Tags

Plastic Name Tags with an engraved logo

Showcase your brand with a custom shape that matches your identity. These name tags demand attention from everyone. Personalize your name tags with text and a logo, or order a blank shape. With so many design options, such as color and fastener choice, these name tags are a dream come true.

Name tags must be between 2 square inches and 12 square inches. Please enter the height and width using decimals or fraction formats with a hyphen(-) or space( ) between the whole number and the fraction (1-1/2 or 1 1/2).

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How To Enter A List

Have you or your company ordered from us before?

Please visit the reorder page if you have ordered with us before or have any of the following items: a customer number, an existing layout, and/or a previous order number. Placing a reorder will allow for quicker processing, consistency between orders, and a reduction or elimination of the set-up fees required for a new order.

Name tags must be between 2 square inches and 12 square inches. Please enter the height and width using decimals or fraction formats with a hyphen(-) or space( ) between the whole number and the fraction (1-1/2 or 1 1/2).

We could not parse one of your size entries please try again

Enter the name of the shape you would like.

Click on the image of the desired color to make a selection. No color guarantee is made by these images. If a color match is required, please request a sample.

white/sky blue
white/pine green
kelly green/white
sky blue/white
sky blue/yellow
patriot blue/white
ribbon pink/white
medium Brown/white
smoke gray/white
brushed aluminum/black
euro gold/black
smooth silver/black
bright copper/black
black walnut/white
english walnut/white
cherry wood/black

*Recommended for a metallic look.

†Flat color, no metallic sheen.

Click on the image of the desired fastener to make a selection.

Magnetic Fastener
Pin Fastener
Double Clutch Fastener
Swivel Bull-Dog Clip Fastener
Bull-Dog Clip w/Pin Fastener
Clip On A Strap
Clear Pocket Clip
No Fastener
No Dome
Dome Surface

The dome surface protects your name tags from scratches and damage.
(Add 1 day to production if you select this option.)

Text Only
Text and Logo
Logo Only
Avant Garde
Trajan Pro
Albertus Lt
Monotype Corsiva
Lucida Casual
Benguiat Gothic Bk
Engravers Gothic
Futura Bk
Cooper Lt
Garamond Drop Caps
Souvenir Lt
Tekton Pro Bold
Times New Roman
Custom Font

Enter the name of the font you would like to use. If your selected font is not in our system, you must provide us with a PC format font file or we can select a similar font.

1 Line of Engraving
2 Lines of Engraving
3 Lines of Engraving

Please email your list to

Price Calculator

As you configure your item, the price will be shown here.

Product Specifications

Your custom shape is laser cut from our two-ply, 0.06 inch thick plastic, allowing for high detail retention as well as precise sizing. Your names and logo are then engraved into the plastic surface which shows the underlying color.

COLOR: Brushed surface plastics have a bright, metallic sheen reminiscent of polished metal; wood grain surfaces have a slight gloss similar to clear coat, and pigmented surfaces have a flat matte finish.

ARTWORK REQUIREMENTS: Vector artwork (.ai, .eps, .svg, or .cdr) must be provided or artwork cleanup must be selected for bitmap images. (.jpg, .gif, .png, .psd, etc)


PROOF: A digital copy of your custom design will be sent for your approval. We save your unique layout for easy reordering.

PRODUCTION: One to four business days after proof approval. If you have a need by date, request expedited shipping during checkout, and we will do our best to fulfill your order.

SET-UP FEE: $10.00 for blank and text only name tags, $25.00 for tags with a logo. No set-up fee is charged for reorders of the same layout.

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Design Tips

  1. The main body of the tag needs to be large enough to fit the information you want to have engraved. Names may not be curved around a shape, so a straight, solid area is a must.
  2. In most cases, engraving will work better if the shape is wider than it is tall.
  3. Long, thin pieces will not be allowed as they break off easily. Avoid sharp points as well.
  4. Additional engraving can be added to complete a shape. Examples are details such as the eye and mouth on a dolphin tag or the details on a lobster tag. Be sure to leave enough space for any engraved information.
  5. Many companies choose to start with a basic shape, such as an oval or rectangle and alter part of it to follow the outside of their logo. The tag will need at least an eighth of an inch margin around the outside of the logo.
  6. If you have a shape in mind but are unsure if it will meet the criteria listed above, let us know, and we will have our designers look at your request and determine if they can fulfill it. In some cases, they may be able to offer alternatives.
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Quantity Pricing Tables

PRICE INCLUDES: Design Your Own Custom Shaped Name Tag with one line of engraving and a standard fastener pin, bulldog clip, bulldog clip with pin, double clutch).

SET-UP FEE: $10.00 for blank and text only tags, $25.00 for tags with a logo. No set-up fee is charged on reorders of the same layout.

CUSTOM SHAPE FEE: $25.00 for to create the tag’s shape.

SHIPPING: Shipping costs are shown during checkout.

1, 2 or 3 square inches$7.32$7.01$6.39$5.46$4.52$4.22Call
4 square inches$8.02$7.68$6.99$5.95$4.91$4.57Call
5 square inches$8.72$8.35$7.59$6.44$5.30$4.92Call
6 square inches$9.42$9.02$8.19$6.93$5.69$5.27Call
*Each Additional Square Inch$0.70$0.67$0.60$0.49$0.39$0.35Call
*Domed Surface$3.50$3.50$3.50$3.50$3.50$3.50Call
*Magnetic Fastener$1.10$1.10$1.10$1.10$1.10$1.10Call

*Add the cost of these optional upgrades to the cost of your name tags for the total product cost.

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How To Enter A List

If a list is required for your order, it must be properly formatted and include all of the information for your name tags. This list can be entered or uploaded from this page, which will allow for faster processing time. Or, the list may be emailed to and will need to include your contact information as placed with this order.

  • Each list must be prepared to exact specifications. All names, titles, and other text that will be used in your order must be submitted in digital form. No list submissions will be accepted via fax or verbally over the phone.
  • Lists must contain all text to be engraved, so enter text EXACTLY as you want it to appear on your product. This includes upper and lower case letters and punctuation. For duplicate tags, enter the text twice. Long lines of text may be condensed to fit the available space.
  • Proofread carefully! Your list will be used to engrave your product. We are not responsible for lists that are formatted incorrectly or contain errors. We will not edit your list, so lists not prepared to exact specifications will be returned for correction, which may cause a delay in production.

Examples of correctly formatted one, two and three line lists are shown below.

Mark G.
Allison Meyers

Margaret Jones

Mark Gillam
Allison Meyers
Artistic Director
Happy Feet

Margaret Jones
Executive Assistant
Happy Feet
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