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Adhesive for Name Plates

Each of these adhesives is sold in eight inch strips and can be attached to the back of a name plate or wall mount for easy changing when a new hire comes aboard. Double sided tape is extremely sticky, so make sure you know where you want it before securing it in place. Magnetic tape is great for rotating your nameplates out. Make sure to order both the hook and the smooth sides of the Velcro option if you are working with new plates.

double sided tape
Double Sided Tape

45¢ per piece

magnetic tape
Magnetic Tape

$1.10 per piece

velcro hook side
Velcro Hook Side

85¢ per piece

velcro smooth side
Velcro Smooth Side

85¢ per piece

Minimum Order: 25


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Product Specifications

Double sided tape comes to you on a wax paper custom sized to fit perfectly on the name plate you have selected. Attachment is very easy; all you do is peel the tape off of the cream wax paper, apply the sticky side to the name plate, remove the yellow wax paper and stick the name plate where it is needed.

Magnetic tape comes in bags with a white wax paper that you remove to apply on the name plate. Magnetic tape allows for you to move the name plate throughout your company as needed. The pieces are cut to fit the size of name plate you have selected.

Velcro attachments can come in three varieties: hook, smooth or as a combination of the two. They have plastic to protect the adhesive on the velcros. Hook Velcro is the stiff, rough material that latches on to the smooth loop Velcro or other soft fabrics. If you do not have cloth-covered cubicles, you can get the combination of the two Velcros to place your name plate anywhere you like.

NOTE: All attachments will be attached to the name plates on smaller orders but on large bulk orders are sent unattached for a faster production time.

PRODUCTION: Place your order before 11 a.m. Mountain Time to receive same day processing and shipping.

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