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Driving Influence with Quality Identification

Top Quality Name Plates

Trust us with your personalized identification needs and we'll guarantee your satisfaction.

Classic Name Plates

Custom Name Plates

Name Plates, Stock Template

Reusable Name Plates

Get a classic look by printing names and titles with ease onto clear inserts with these Reusable Name Plates. Each system comes with three pieces: a metal back plate, a clear Lexan lens and a desk holder or wall mount.

We carry the largest selection at the lowest prices. If you need something else, and you are not seeing it available, simply contact customer service at 1-800-272-5729.

Pricing is for one name plate which includes the mounting attachment and a clear lens that snaps into the back plate.

2 x 8 Name Plate with Wall Attachment $10.42$9.90$9.41$8.94$8.48$8.07Call
2 x 8 Name Plate with Desk Attachment$11.85$11.26$10.70$10.16$9.65$9.18Call
2 x 8 Name Plate with Cubicle Attachment$12.13$11.53$10.95$10.40$9.88$9.40Call
2 x 10 Name Plate with Wall Attachment $11.11$10.55$10.03$9.53$9.05$8.60Call
2 x 10 Name Plate with Desk Stand$12.54$11.91$11.32$10.75$10.22$9.71Call
2 x 10 Name Plate with Cubicle Stand$12.82$12.18$11.57$10.99$10.45$9.93Call
3 x 5.25 Name Plate with Desk Stand $10.42$9.90$9.41$8.94$8.48$8.07Call
3 x 5.25 Name Plate with Wall Attachment$11.85$11.26$10.70$10.16$9.65$9.18Call
3 x 5.25 Name Plate with Cubicle Stand$12.13$11.53$10.95$10.40$9.88$9.40Call

Paper Inserts

These non-adhesive white inserts are a patented innovation. Each sheet has two layers, and they are peeled off the backing sheet. This configuration allows a single insert to be printed and the page returned to the printer to complete additional inserts at a later date.

Price: $3.50 each (three inserts per page)


Contemporary Name Plates Printing & Assembly (PDF Instructions)


Each of these templates can be used in Microsoft® Word or OpenOffice™. Due to the number of variables in how you might have your software configured, we do NOT offer technical support for these templates. All templates have been set up using Microsoft® Word, so adjustments might be needed when using another software program.

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Contemporary Name Plate Instructions

Instuctions for using Contemporary name Plates (This link will open a printable .pdf file).