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Coller Industries, Incorporated

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Driving Influence with Quality Identification

Top Quality Name Plates

Trust us with your personalized identification needs and we'll guarantee your satisfaction.

Classic Name Plates

Custom Name Plates

Name Plates, Stock Template

Name Plates With a Custom Design

Laser engraved, custom designed, text-only name plates are perfect for names and titles for any business. Choose your material, color and font to create personalized plates for everyone in your office. Three standard sizes available and custom sizing as well. A proof approval and set-up fee are required for this custom product. We retain your design and order information for easy reordering.

Name Plates Using Stock Templates

Don't want to design your office name plates? Choose your material and then your size. Each material is set up with template choices that offer one or two engraved text lines. These name plates are still just as professional as a custom option, but easier to order. They require no proof or set-up fee and may ship within one business day or ordering (must place order by 11:00 a.m. Mountain Time).

Brand your company with matching nameplates and name tags.

Strengthen Your Brand!

Having a strong brand is important as an individual and for your business. Ordering matching name tags and name plates makes it easy.

Name Tags | Name Plates

Name Tag, Inc. carries a wide selection of name tags and name plates. If you don't see what you want, give us a call and we'll help you find it. Large selection – Low prices!

Five plate minimum on first order. We maintain your ordering information for fast and convenient reordering. No minimum on reorders. 2x8 inch nameplate with one line of engraving. Mounts, holders and adhesive sold separately. Complete pricing tables are available on the order pages.

Stock Name Plates

Stock Plastic Style 1: 2x8 in, 1 line$9.93$7.36$6.81$6.30$5.67$5.11Call
Stock Plastic Style 2: 2x8 in, 2 line$13.24$9.81$9.08$8.40$7.56$6.82Call
Stock Plastic Style 3: 2x10 in, 1 line$10.69$7.92$7.33$6.78$6.11$5.51Call
Stock Plastic Style 4: 2x10 in, 2 line$14.00$10.37$9.60$8.88$8.00$7.22Call
Stock Plastic Style 5: 2x12 in, 1 line$11.45$8.48$7.85$7.26$6.55$5.91Call
Stock Plastic Style 6: 2x12 in, 2 line$14.76$10.93$10.12$9.36$8.44$7.62Call
Stock Metal Style A: 2x8 in, 1 line$11.25$8.31$7.72$7.14$6.42$5.79Call
Stock Metal Style B: 2x8 in, 2 line$14.56$10.76$9.99$9.24$8.31$7.50Call
Stock Metal Style C: 2x10 in, 1 line$12.17$8.99$8.32$7.70$6.94$6.23Call
Stock Metal Style D: 2x10 in, 2 line$15.48$11.44$10.59$9.80$8.83$7.94Call

Custom Name Plates

2x8 Custom Plastic Name Plate$9.93$7.36$6.81$6.30$5.67$5.11Call
2x10 Custom Plastic Name Plate$10.69$7.92$7.33$6.78$6.11$5.51Call
2x12 Custom Plastic Name Plate$11.45$8.48$7.85$7.26$6.55$5.91Call
2x8 Custom Metal Name Plate$11.25$8.31$7.72$7.14$6.42$5.79Call
2x10 Custom Metal Name Plate$12.17$8.99$8.32$7.70$6.94$6.23Call
*Price per Square Inch (Custom Size Name Plates)$0.19$0.14$0.13$0.12$0.11$0.10Call
**Each Additional Line of Text$3.31$2.45$2.27$2.10$1.89$1.71Call
ROTARY PLASTICS (Plastic name plates that use a stock template)
LASER PLASTICS (Plastic name plates with a custom design)

All plastic name plates that use a stock template will be produced on rotary plastic using one of these rotary fonts.

rotary fonts
Stock Name Plate - Template 1 - Rotary Engraved

2 x 8 inches
1 line (0.60 in) — limit of 15 characters

Stock Name Plate - Template 2 - Rotary Engraved

2 x 8 inches
line 1 ( 0.45 in) — limit of 20 characters
line 2 ( 0.25 in) — limit of 30 characters

Stock Name Plate - Template 1 - Rotary Engraved

2 x 8 inches
1 line (0.60 in) — limit of 15 characters

Stock Name Plate - Template 4 - Rotary Engraved

2 x 10 inches
line 1 ( 0.50 in) — limit of 20 characters
line 2 ( 0.25 in) — limit of 40 characters

Stock Name Plate - Template 5 - Rotary Engraved

2 x 12 inches
1 line (0.80 in) — limit of 16 characters

Stock Name Plate - Template 6 - Rotary Engraved

2 x 12 inches
line 1 ( 0.50 in) — limit of 27 characters
line 2 ( 0.25 in) — limit of 32 characters