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Coller Industries, Incorporated

801-931-5000   |   www.nametag.com

2211 South 300 West , Salt Lake City, UT 84115   |   Print Date: June 19 2019 09:03:05 PM

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Top Quality Name Plates

Trust us with your personalized identification needs and we'll guarantee your satisfaction.

Classic Name Plates

Custom Name Plates

Name Plates, Stock Template

Upgrade name plates with an engrave, UV color or hot stamped logo.

Name Plates With a Custom Design

Custom engraved name plates identify names and occupations. You select the size, text location, material and color. Custom sizes are also available up to 24 square inches. Our experienced designers will follow the instructions from the order page and create a custom layout for you. You will receive a proof that will show the layout of your name plates, and you will be able to work with the designer until you approve the layout. There is a one-time set-up fee of $10.00. We will maintain your layout and order information to make it easy to order name tags for new employees. Production will begin as soon as we have an approved proof and a complete, properly formatted list of the text to be engraved. Once the approved proof and list have been received, and production has been started, most orders can be shipped within 24 hours.

Name Plates Using Stock Templates

Choosing to use one of the available templates can save you both time and money. Because the design of the name plates is embedded in the templates, they do not require a proof approval, and the set-up fee is waived. Production starts as soon as we receive your order and list of names. You customize your order by selecting the size, material, color and font.

Brand your company with matching nameplates and name tags.

Strengthen Your Brand!

Having a strong brand is important as an individual and for your business. Ordering matching name tags and name plates makes it easy.

Name Tags | Name Plates

Name Tag, Inc. carries a wide selection of name tags and name plates. If you don't see what you want, give us a call and we'll help you find it. Large selection – Low prices!

Five plate minimum on first order. We maintain your ordering information for fast and convenient reordering. No minimum on reorders. 2x8 inch nameplate with one line of engraving. Mounts, holders and adhesive sold separately. Complete pricing tables are available on the order pages.

Stock Name Plates

Stock Plastic Style 1: 2x8 in, 1 line$9.93$7.36$6.81$6.30$5.67$5.11Call
Stock Plastic Style 2: 2x8 in, 2 line$13.24$9.81$9.08$8.40$7.56$6.82Call
Stock Plastic Style 3: 2x10 in, 1 line$10.69$7.92$7.33$6.78$6.11$5.51Call
Stock Plastic Style 4: 2x10 in, 2 line$14.00$10.37$9.60$8.88$8.00$7.22Call
Stock Plastic Style 5: 2x12 in, 1 line$11.45$8.48$7.85$7.26$6.55$5.91Call
Stock Plastic Style 6: 2x12 in, 2 line$14.76$10.93$10.12$9.36$8.44$7.62Call
Stock Metal Style A: 2x8 in, 1 line$11.25$8.31$7.72$7.14$6.42$5.79Call
Stock Metal Style B: 2x8 in, 2 line$14.56$10.76$9.99$9.24$8.31$7.50Call
Stock Metal Style C: 2x10 in, 1 line$12.17$8.99$8.32$7.70$6.94$6.23Call
Stock Metal Style D: 2x10 in, 2 line$15.48$11.44$10.59$9.80$8.83$7.94Call

Custom Name Plates

2x8 Custom Plastic Name Plate$9.93$7.36$6.81$6.30$5.67$5.11Call
2x10 Custom Plastic Name Plate$10.69$7.92$7.33$6.78$6.11$5.51Call
2x12 Custom Plastic Name Plate$11.45$8.48$7.85$7.26$6.55$5.91Call
2x8 Custom Metal Name Plate$11.25$8.31$7.72$7.14$6.42$5.79Call
2x10 Custom Metal Name Plate$12.17$8.99$8.32$7.70$6.94$6.23Call
*Price per Square Inch (Custom Size Name Plates)$0.19$0.14$0.13$0.12$0.11$0.10Call
**Each Additional Line of Text$3.31$2.45$2.27$2.10$1.89$1.71Call
ROTARY PLASTICS (Plastic name plates that use a stock template)
LASER PLASTICS (Plastic name plates with a custom design)

All plastic name plates that use a stock template will be produced on rotary plastic using one of these rotary fonts.

rotary fonts
Stock Name Plate - Template 1 - Rotary Engraved

2 x 8 inches
1 line (0.60 in) — limit of 15 characters

Stock Name Plate - Template 2 - Rotary Engraved

2 x 8 inches
line 1 ( 0.45 in) — limit of 20 characters
line 2 ( 0.25 in) — limit of 30 characters

Stock Name Plate - Template 1 - Rotary Engraved

2 x 8 inches
1 line (0.60 in) — limit of 15 characters

Stock Name Plate - Template 4 - Rotary Engraved

2 x 10 inches
line 1 ( 0.50 in) — limit of 20 characters
line 2 ( 0.25 in) — limit of 40 characters

Stock Name Plate - Template 5 - Rotary Engraved

2 x 12 inches
1 line (0.80 in) — limit of 16 characters

Stock Name Plate - Template 6 - Rotary Engraved

2 x 12 inches
line 1 ( 0.50 in) — limit of 27 characters
line 2 ( 0.25 in) — limit of 32 characters

Customer Service
Monday-Friday: 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (MT)
Toll Free: 1-800-272-5729

Coller Industries Incorporated
2211 South 300 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
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