Autumn Education & Virtual Learning

With school back in session, there is one definite question looming over every teacher, parent and student: is this year virtual or in-person? No matter what happens, everyone involved is hoping for the best possible education for their students. While virtual learning can be stressful, there are several ways to combat this stress and still make learning fun.

Themes are a great way to keep learning fun. Use themes in all of your curriculum to keep students engaged in their studies. From fun science experiments involving the changing leaves and nature to creative autumn-themed indoor games, you can make your child’s fall learning fun and educational.

Autumn Education & Virtual Learning by The Learning Center

Creative Autumn Education Ideas

You can make fall one of the most exciting times in your classroom, even if it’s your kitchen table. With so many things changing (outside and inside), it only takes a little thinking to get the creativity moving so you can plan activities for your students.

Using pumpkins, leaves and other fall foliage

  • Learn to count using pumpkin shapes or match shapes to numbers for a math lesson.
  • Paint leaves with silly faces or get really creative for an art project.
  • Create an ABC chart with fall objects (Hint P is for Pumpkin, L is for Leaf).
  • Make science fun with a demonstration of photosynthesis (all the color changing of leaves).
  • Using a scavenger hunt, you can get multiple kids together to work on communication.
  • Find some fun fall-themed books that you can read together with your students.

As you can see, from art to science, fall has all of your education needs covered. Adjust these activities for kids of all ages to help them feel involved. Your autumn education ideas have been solved! Just go outside and look around for additional ideas on things to get your curious students doing.

Other Engaging Tools

Here are some unique tools to help you in your home classroom (as well as your in-person one).


Whether hundreds or thousands, it doesn’t matter how many kids are coming back to your school this year; security is always an issue. Yes, there are name tags and photo ID badges for the teachers. But how do the children keep their things safe and secure?

Lanyards are a convenient way of displaying identification and other things while at school. And these lanyards don’t have to be boring. Choose from a variety of colors to match your school and mascot!

These lanyards are also perfect for fundraising events, sporting meets, and any other time your school gets together. Help your students stand out from the rest with bright colors, logos and messages custom imprinted on these lanyards.

School lanyards to use for autumn education.

Lanyards are useful for the at-home teacher as well. Use them to keep pens or other important objects close to you. For example, hang them from the wall to show off art (you’ll need a clip attachment for this) your students have made. Or use them as a sensory coping tool to run around your hand or through your fingers.

Photo ID Badges

One of the essential features of a photo ID badge is the security it offers. Provide these for teachers and other school staff to ensure that the proper people enter and exit your building. Quickly and easily identify someone with photos and provide safety and security while at school.

They will also help with productivity. Teachers can focus on what they need to teach instead of worrying about other security issues. Pictures of an individual are on each tag, along with their name and title, to make recognition easier. With a glance, anyone can see who that person is and make sure they belong where they are.

Photo ID badges used for autumn education and other school needs.

Use photo ID badges for the virtual learner in nearly the same ways. Add their photos and have them wear these badges during online classes so teachers can see student’s names easily. For parents, photo ID badges are a great thing to have around. When you take small field trips, you can have your student wear them as it provides the perfect way to identify a lost child.

Custom Signs

Sometimes all you need is a creative mind, and you’ll have an instant piece of art. For example, adding a door sign to a room is the perfect touch to help you be yourself. Custom signs are perfect for a classroom and any room in any school. (Careful, our processes are more limited than your imagination!)

From desk placement to student homework, there is a place for everything. So, make sure you know where that place is by creating an organized space. Once you have an organization plan, write it down. Doing this will help the students in your classroom know where things go, and you will stay organized. Then label it with custom signs!

And, don’t forget that decorations are an excellent tool for learning. Use posters, banners, ribbons and custom signs to make your classroom a pleasant place for learning. Don’t go overboard, but make sure that your classroom is inviting and stimulating.

From simple instructions about completing a task to holidays and birthdays, these custom signs are here to make your day.

Custom designed signs for classroom usage as well as virtual education purposes.

Here’s a fun way that a virtual learner can use custom signs! First, have each student design a sign with a classroom rule or part of your motto. Then, during each lesson, assign your students to have the signs available to display while they take part. Play with colors and fonts to get each sign as unique as the students.

Autumn Education for Online Learners

While virtual learning can start as a complicated process, you can make the transition easier using these tools and your creativity. And don’t forget to incorporate the season into your lesson plans. Make your autumn education easy by helping your students with everything they need to keep motivated.