Creative Ways to Effectively use Recognition

Most people love the recognition that comes from a job well done. While there are many ways to show appreciation for others, personalized products can play a big part. From engraved desk blocks to award ribbons, we are sure to have something that will help. So, start acknowledging colleagues, family and friends with help from these incredible options.

Remember that you wouldn’t be where you are today without the people in your life. Your team is one of your greatest assets, so make sure that they remain happy in their positions. Employee happiness boosts productivity. So, make sure you provide recognition for people in every way possible so they feel grateful for their employment.

Using award plaques to provide recognition for professional achievements.

Why personalized awards matter for recognition

Businesses that implement appreciation programs will help acknowledge employee work. These awards will also help recognize leadership, following company values, outstanding sales and so much more. Each reward is sure to be appreciated by the recipient and will help inspire them to continue being their best selves on the job.

How do I effectively use personalized products to highlight achievements?

Employee recognition has long been a cornerstone of effective management. But today, as the competition for talent escalates, the ways organizations show that they value their employees have become more important than ever.

From a very early age, we crave recognition from parents, teachers and friends. So strong is our desire for positive affirmation, particularly during developmental periods, that we can even perceive a neutral reaction as a negative one. This continues to hold true as we move into the workplace. Employee recognition helps to retain top talent, increase employee engagement and encourage high performance.

Customizing awards provides meaning that goes beyond the physical award. They go beyond simply expressing value. They help to create emotional connections and provide a sense of accomplishment and pride. Any award engraved with a name, a title and a short message of appreciation communicates more than something without customization. By adding names and award titles to custom products, each recipient is sure to feel your support and know where they stand.

People want to know that their achievements have meaning, and praise from others does a lot to help fuel that emotion. Personalizing awards shows how much you appreciate someone for their hard work. Make sure that every time you acknowledge someone, it means something to them so they feel appreciated. This will help create a culture of excellence, ultimately leading to improved performance and results for everyone.

Custom awards and reasons to celebrate

When someone receives recognition for their hard work, it can also inspire others. By personalizing an award (like a plaque or name plate), you encourage those who see that award to do their best, hoping to get similar acknowledgment. The recipient will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they get to look at their reward continually.

Not only do custom awards have a motivational effect, but they can also serve as marketing tools for businesses. By adding a company name and logo to any award, businesses can help promote visibility and brand awareness. So, no matter where someone places the award, everyone who sees it will know who gave it and why.

Personalized Ribbons

Custom rosette ribbons, custom top ribbons and badge ribbons showing awards to different events.

From badge ribbons to the ever glorious rosette, your award ribbon choice should be based on your needs. Badge ribbons are a quick way to highlight everyone at events. Using custom top ribbons is a bit more exclusive, but you can still use them for a large group. These full color ribbons are perfect for giving to participants at a conference or fair. Rosette ribbons come with respect that just can’t be beat. With their flourishes and streamers, any winner will be pleased with their award.

While each ribbon has multiple uses, it has its own setting. Badge ribbons work really well when partnered with name badges (like badge holders). Adding custom titles and expressions to these imprinted ribbons goes a long way in identifying others at events. By adding these colorful ribbons to identification, you can award others for their presentations and participation.

The most common place we see rosette ribbons is in a fair or festival environment. From blue ribbons for prized livestock to placement ribbons for sporting events, there is a rosette that will show value for every participant. Custom top ribbons are a mix between the two and go well with large group activities. Use these full color ribbons at any larger event for all sorts of accomplishments.

Custom Awards

Award plaques, executive desk wedges and acrylic blocks with titles and text to honor outstanding achievements.

Giving a personalized award goes beyond the physical value. It creates an emotional connection and a sense of achievement and pride. Receiving any award creates a desire in most people to work even harder. They work to fulfill additional goals and dreams, increasing their overall value.

By presenting someone with an award plaque, a desk wedge or an acrylic block, you show off their accomplishments. Engrave plaques with a lot of detail and make excellent gifts. An executive desk wedge is also a perfect gift for someone who has achieved greatness. Or, go with a modern look of an acrylic desk block. Add names and accommodations to each of these name plates to show the recipient just how much you care.

PRO TIPS: Give award plaques to a little league player or a school group, such as debate, and presented to someone for their success in business and even for community service. Acrylic blocks and desk wedges can come with an acknowledgment of growth or service that a company or organization would give.

Expressing your appreciation and providing recognition

Personalized awards have become popular as everyone constantly seeks ways to express their gratitude. They help recognize an individual’s or team’s achievements, contributions and efforts. When you give recognition to others, you help build business goals and boost self esteem.

Reasons to celebrate and product examples for each:

  • Business Milestones (such as anniversaries): award plaques
  • Sales awards: award plaques and rosette ribbons
  • Employee of the Year/Month/Department: executive desk wedges and award plaques
  • School Awards (spelling bee, dean’s list, etc.): custom top ribbons, badge ribbons
  • Graduations: award plaques, acrylic desk blocks
  • Weddings: acrylic desk blocks, acrylic plaques
  • Sporting Awards: rosette ribbons, custom top ribbons

Contrast Matters: Your Logo and Identification

Owning a business means that you have worked hard to get recognition through your branding. Part of this branding is your company logo, and this magnificent marketing tool is one of the oldest forms of visual communication. But, have you considered how to correctly add your logo to identification (name tags, lanyards, signs, ribbons, etc.)?

Contrast Matters: Using Your Logo shown by adding a logo on a name tag and name plate.

A great business logo should imprint in the minds of your clients, customers or audience using text, icons and graphic elements, such as color or shapes. As author Robin Landa says, “A logo is the single graphic design application that will be a part of every other brand design application [for your business].”

When you look around, you instantly see logos everywhere, from the pen you write with to the car you drive and even letters you receive in the mail. This is because businesses know that as you see these logos, they instantly remind you of their brand, even if you throw them in the trash. You can see the same thing with your logo and identification products.

Brand vs. Logo

Brand = a product or service that has a unique and immediately recognizable identity that distinguishes itself from others in its industry.

A company’s brand is what they are, what they want to be, and what they aim to become. It can be a promise of quality, trust or service. A brand is what makes a company or organization truly unique.

Logo = a symbol or other design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniforms, vehicles, etc.

Your logo represents you, your company, your brand and your overall commitment to your clients and customers. And creating consistency by adding your logo to everything you personalize (from name tags to corporate gifts) lets people know you’re proud of what you stand for.

Source: Brand vs. Logo (and why magnets are cool)

Let’s talk your logo and identification: types, processes and files

Creating a positive influence with your brand means guaranteeing that your business’s services and products are consistent. From branding to color matching, name tags help symbolize your quality. So make sure you are adding your logo to identification products which reflect your commitment to quality.

We use several methods to add your logo to our name tags, name plates, ribbons and signs. Understanding these processes will help you decide which product best suits your business. It will also help you know where your logo placement should be.

Type 1) Full Color

using a logo on full color name tags

When your logo has more than one color, it is considered full color. The colors may be light or dark, bright or pastel, in solid blocks or with gradients and blending. These logos are often seen on websites, company stationery, business cards and marketing materials.

Let’s get technical (processes):

  • Digitally Printed: Only available on thinner plastic; this process allows us to print full color, bleeds and even gradients.
  • UV Color: Available on plastic and metal, this process provides a unique, tactile feel to full color graphics.

Type 2) Single Color

one color logo engraved name tags

A logo that has a single color can be engraved on any laser material. The material your choose for engraving will define the background color as well as the engraved color. It is also possible to print single color logos, which will allow your logo and the engraved text to be different colors.

Reversed: An all white logo can be a great option for printing on dark backgrounds. It creates a strong contrast, making it stand out on black, navy, dark brown, and other dark colored backgrounds. Additionally, all white logos are particularly suitable for laser engraving on dark materials.

Let’s get technical (processes):

  • Laser Engraved: Plastic and metal, engraved text and logos resulting in a two color name tag.
  • UV Printed: Plastic tags have printed logos with engraved text; the text color is based on the material selected. Metal tags have engraved logos and text is printed in black.

Type 3) Metallic

metallic logo stamped name tag

Some logos, in order to maintain the proper brand representation, need to have a spark of metallic foil. This process helps to create uniqueness in a brand and image. Hot stamping is a method used to transfer foils to the plastic surface at high temperatures. Though the available colors for stamping are limited, the results can be stunning.

Let’s get technical (processes):

  • Available on plastic only
  • Gold, silver and copper metallic foils

Logos need to be saved in one of two formats

We require high quality artwork for all processes when adding your logo to identification. Our design team reviews your artwork before production, and will make adjustments if necessary. We require that you send your artwork in one of the two options below.

Raster Artwork

These files include extensions jpg and png. Raster images are made up of pixels locked into the image. When enlarging the picture, you can even see the individual pixels. This image type is commonly used in photography and as default images in software design programs like Photoshop and Canva. As long as the image is set up with high quality, they may be able to be printed using UV color and digital logos.

Vector Artwork

These files include extensions: eps, ai, cdr. Unlike pixels, vector images do not face scaling issues. Instead, they use math equations to retain their original dimensions. Therefore, they are ideal for printing your logo. Illustrator is the main program that can be used to create a vector file for any printing process.

Additional resources about your logo and identification:

Branding, from recognition to awareness, is the best way your business can grow while increasing your customer base. Therefore, making your products or services consistent with your company image is important as you strive to reach your business goals.

When using a logo in this process, you make sure that current and potential customers think of your company when they need your product. As part of this, businesses often create various versions of their logo to retain flexibility in different uses. It is important to consider these logo versions when purchasing identification like name tags.

You can add a logo to many of our name tags and other personalized products. Name tags, name plates and signs are laser engraved or printed with your logo, company name and an employee’s name. Reusable name badges and badge holders come with printable inserts where you can add your logo using your office printer. Even order custom lanyards and ribbons with a logo to promote your company or organization at your next event.

Source: Company Branding with Name Tags

So, why should you add your business logo to your personalized products? Adding your logo to your products can be a powerful way to increase brand recognition. Every time someone sees your logo, it will remind them of your company and the product or service you provide.

Printing your logo on identification: How to avoid problems and fix potential issues

As you consider ordering name tags and other products with your logo on them, keep specific questions in mind. By carefully considering these factors, you can ensure that your logo products will effectively promote your brand and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

  • Which colors are represented in your logo?
  • Will they work better on a light or dark surface?
  • How will your logo look on your chosen material?
  • How complex is your logo (details and colors)?
  • Do you have a proper file, or will it need adjustments?

Your Logo and Identification: COLORS & CONTRAST

For most products, contrast between the logo and the material is essential. Lighter colors will stand out on dark materials, while darker colors will have more contrast on light materials.

Samples of using a logo on name tags that show how colors and contrast matter for visibility.

For example, a dark blue logo placed on black material will not show well. However, if the logo colors are adjusted to increase contrast, they will stand out and help customers see the branding. Likewise, adding a logo with black in it to black material, whether metal or plastic, will make the logo practically invisible. By changing the material color to white, the logo can pop and stand out for everyone to see.

Adding contrast to the design of your personalized product is critical to helping your logo be seen. Think about how all the colors will work together, and consider whether your choices will be visible. Ask yourself if they portray your brand messaging accurately. The table below offers suggestions of how the material color and the logo and text colors work together.

Your Logo and Identification: COMPLEXITY

Another thing to consider is how complex your logo is. Take into consideration the number of small details and text. Then, think about how important this information is and how visible it needs to be. Remember that when adding a logo to name tags, the visibility will not be as good as adding the same logo to a sign.

The size of the logo becomes an important consideration when it is complex. Printing or engraving a logo may be restricted by the product to which you add it. On a lanyard, the logo will likely be less than 1/2 inch in height; for name tags, less than 3/4 inch in size; two inches on a name plate; and on an award plaque or sign, the logo can be larger.

Color printing processes are a bit better at capturing smaller details in a logo than engraving, although the colors may become muddy, causing problems with contrast. Small details may be lost as the size of a logo decreases, especially when using a laser to burn out the image. Adding elements, such as names and titles, limits the space available for logos. However, if you add a company name, you can provide information that may be lost by making a logo smaller.

5 Design Principles for Logo Usage

Size – A logo’s final size makes a difference. The more detail a logo has, the more difficult it becomes to see at smaller sizes, so a logo that looks great on a name plate may not work as well on a name tag.

Color – Carefully think about the color of your logo and the color of the name tag. If your logo has bright colors, it will not make as much of a statement on an engraved two color tag, but it will look stunning as a UV color printed on plastic or metal or even as a full color plastic tag.

Contrast – No matter where you have your logo, you want to make sure it is highly visible. So, consider the contrast between colors as you choose materials and printing/engraving style. For example, as shown below, pastels on silver can wash out, and on the name plate and tag above, the blues in the logo blend with the chosen material.

Orientation – The shape and orientation of your logo make a difference in where to place it on your product. The horizontal logo on this example works well when placed at the top of the name tag. However, when placed on the right side, it shrinks to a size that isn’t visible. A good rule is that a horizontal logo is best on the top or bottom of your tag design, while a vertical logo is best on the right or left.

Product – Artwork requirements for logos vary by product. For example, a single color vector file is required for some products, while a high quality vector file is needed for full color products. Individual order pages will let you know which requirements are required for each product.

Source: Brand vs. Logo (and why magnets are cool)

One last thought: trust your designer

You will receive an email with a proof for all custom products showing you how your product will look. It is important to be aware that the colors and contrast you see on a screen will always be different than the final product. The main difference between “on screen” and “in print” images is the lighting.

Every digital monitor contains a light which shines through pixels. This back lighting helps your image to appear brighter and more detailed. The screen also allows you to zoom in and see the product at a larger than life size. So please trust our design team who has worked with thousands of logos and will catch most problems before they go to production.

Why logos matter more than you think

A logo is more than just a simple symbol. It is the visual representation of your company and what it stands for. Your logo is an important piece of your company’s identity. Are you looking to take your business to the next level? Add your logo (to name tags, of course)!

Your logo is a customer’s first impression of your business and is how people will recognize and remember you. So, create a logo that matches your business’ values and purpose. A well designed logo is a mark of a well run company. Consistency is critical to your brand identity, so you want your logo to match wherever you use it, as it is the essence of everything for your business.

It is important to make sure that you provide the best possible representation by carefully considering how people perceive your logo on your personal identification, signs and marketing materials. Details such as colors and typography are essential, as you want them to match the rest of your brand’s identity.

Key points (tl;dr 🤷‍♂️):

  • Every business should have a logo that represents their identity.
  • Colors and contrast between your logo and material choice matters.
  • Design your logo to meet your identification needs.
  • Know what makes your logo look great, i.e., colors and complexity.
  • Provide the proper file type of your logo for the best printing results.
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4 Tips to Engage Customers & Employees

When a business is able to hire and engage with the right people, they will be able to operate better. And, as we are nearing the holiday season, businesses are looking for necessary holiday help. Part of this includes quickly identifying employees so customers and clients will be able to locate who can help them. Simply provide each employee with a name tag to help them communicate with your customers.

Name tags create a personalized experience as they make it quick and easy for customers to quickly see employees. These tags play an important role in developing effective communication between employees and customers for several reasons. From helping with employee visibility to increasing business approachability, name tags are an essential tool for any business to have.

Using custom ribbon rolls, custom plaques and engraved signs in a retail business to inform and engage customers and employees.

Engage Seasonal Workers with Name Tags

For many businesses, seasonal help is necessary to handle holiday demands. Not only are seasonal employees cost effective, but they also help your business remain flexible in adjusting the size of your workforce. During peak holiday times, these temporary employees are often necessary to have around to help keep full time operational coverage. Without these crucial employees, you couldn’t keep your business running the way your customers and clients are used to.

Adding seasonal and temporary employees to your staff has huge benefits for your company. It makes it easier for full time staff to enjoy the holidays while they maintain work/life balance, and you can keep your business steady. You will also have enough people to cover any increase in hours or demand for products and services.

So, have you already started the process of hiring your seasonal employees? If not, now is the time. Of course, you will need to make sure you train them thoroughly before your holiday rush hits! With that being said, as a business owner, you should also be concerned with how well your new help will be able to work with your customers.

Tip #1: As always, name tags help to engage employees and customers.

When employees wear identification, they help to enhance the overall customer experience. This, in turn, will make customers feel more valued. When a customer knows an employee’s name, they can quickly establish a level of trust with them. Name tags humanize interactions and help customers feel more comfortable when shopping or doing business with your company.

Name tags also express a sense of professionalism and being organized. When employees wear name tags, it shows that the company takes customer interactions seriously and is committed to providing a higher level of service. Employee identification also holds them more accountable for their actions and behavior. Name tags encourage staff to provide excellent customer service and uphold your brand’s reputation.

Tip #2: Decorating is easy with custom ribbon rolls.

Custom ribbon rolls with holiday messages and themes are great for helping to decorate any business.

Be creative in your store or shop by using custom ribbons to promote sales and products. Ribbon rolls are eye catching and will help with displays and packaging. Use these ribbons in a variety of ways, such as wrapping around products, decorating packaging or creating displays. Their versatility allows you to showcase your business creatively.

When using custom ribbons for promotions and sales, make sure that you consider how the design works. Always provide messaging that aligns with your branding and the purpose of any sale. Remember to consider the placement of the ribbon rolls and make sure that they are easily noticeable to customers.

Decorating for Success: Business 101

The key to a successful retail business is product presentation. No matter what your company sells, whether it’s furniture or cookies, product packaging and store design play a key role in how well your business performs. Take some time right now to learn about an easy to use tool that will help you decorate for success: RIBBONS.

Tip #3: Custom signs engage your holiday helpers.

Using custom engraved signs helps communicate clearly with employees and customers.

Begin the season with the early fall holidays by keeping your store current with up to date signage. The signs can be customized or simple office signs. From holiday hours to indicating entrances and more, engraved signs are your customer’s best friends.

Offer special promotions or discounts that are tied to the early fall holidays. Then, use signs to communicate these sales so customers can take full advantage. Or show off products that are relevant to any holiday or season. Use your creativity to promote Back to School, Halloween, Thanksgiving and other holidays or special events.

PRO TIP: Extend your signage efforts to social media by customizing signs with a QR code, helping your customer base find your channels and interact with you. This will help create an online buzz and attract a wider audience.

Tip #4: Making award plaques work for you.

Create award plaques to help employees feel like they are making a difference.

Keep your holiday momentum going by awarding your staff and teams as they achieve their goals. You encourage improvement by consistently recognizing your staff and helping them set well defined goals. Custom award plaques help you provide meaningful rewards for a job well done. And by acknowledging your employees’ success, you influence your business’s success.

Custom Plaques & Employee Recognition

From promoting accomplishments to motivating employees, custom plaques are a unique and personal way to connect with coworkers and other colleagues. Motivating employees to stay on track while at work can often be problematic. Use these custom plaques to go beyond highlighting someone’s achievements and help them see just how useful they are to your company.

Engaging with Employees and Customers

By strategically incorporating these tips, you can create a memorable and engaging shopping experience for your customers during the holidays while keeping your business’s atmosphere current and exciting.


Going Back to School & Work Success

It’s that time again! People are heading back to school and to the office after having summer vacations and much needed breaks. And although some of us are a little more hesitant about going back to these tasks, we should all be prepared for what is to come. No matter if it’s school or work, whether or not you will be remote learning or working, here are several things to help every transition in your life go smoothly.

Going Back to the Office

Even thought it isn’t exactly the same as going back to school, getting back in the swing of these at the office can take just as much preparation as school. From working from home to in-office positions, and even hybrid schedules, everyone going back to work should be prepared for their coming workload. Make sure you’re ready to head back with some quick pointers and advise.

Acknowledge Success Using Prize Ribbons

Back to school and work ribbons for awarding teachers and employees.

Using custom rosette ribbons to acknowledge success will help anyone feel special. Employees, and really anyone, will know how much you care when you put thought into a prize ribbon just for them. And, you can customize these ribbons to say just about anything!

Start by picking how detailed you want the ribbon to be by choosing streamer count and length and how big you want the rosette part. Then you can work out which colors you want for your ribbon. Once you have chosen these styles, add any text and graphics or icons you need for these fun and fabulous ribbons.

Remote Work

If you are working remotely, here are few things to make your day go better:

  • Get dressed as if you are going into the office, it will help you retain focus throughout the day.
  • Create a working station or place that isn’t just the kitchen table.
  • Keep track of work that you have accomplished to keep yourself motivated.
  • Take actual lunch breaks: get up and leave your work station just like you would at the office.

Effective Networking While Working from Home

From video apps to professional development, networking while working from home takes focus and planning.

You think that you have it all figured out, right? Then life gets in the way. Whether it’s an illness or a family matter that takes precedence over being in the office, you might be asking how you can keep your networking alive and well when you are out.

It doesn’t have to be hard to network while away from an office or other business setting. Using available tools will help you gain control over your networking. And by using these tools, your remote working experience will be better than you expect.

We live in a time where networking is one of the primary keys to making a business work. And, when you use networking properly, not only will your business flourish, but it will also make an impact in your community.

In-Office Work

If you are physically going back to an office, remind yourself that’s where you work best.

  • Dress appropriate for your office/work setting so that you maintain work standards.
  • Keep your desk clutter-free so that you can stay on task.
  • Create a work calendar that will help you stay motivated.
  • Remember to take your breaks and lunch away from your desk (this helps maintain focus throughout the day).

Taking Pride in Your Work

Name tags for teachers and employees going back to school and work can help everyone to take pride in their employment.

You own it. Your name is on it: Everything that your company does, awesome or pathetic, it has your name on it. People contribute to the success and failure of projects, companies and their colleagues. It matters. Everything that you do. That trivial piece of work for a client, your contribution to a large-scale project or a part to play in a flawless delivery, you own that success; be proud of that.

From dressing for success to taking pride in everything you do, presentation matters. And don’t stop with your pressed shirt and tie, add something that will make you stand out from everyone else: YOUR NAME. The easiest way to accomplish this is a name tag!

By wearing name tags, or other identification, newer employees and other team members in the company are more apt to recognize each other. Name badges also provide accountability for all of your employees. When wearing name tags, it requires that your employees accept responsibility, one, for their actions and two, for the way they treat your customers.

Your job should always be something you can take pride in. So, from building trust with those around you to looking the part, learn to love what you do. Invest in yourself and keep learning how to accomplish what you need to do your job well.

For Students & Teachers Going Back to School

These ideas will work for both online and in-class options.

  • Stock up on supplies! Whether it’s for an art project or pencils and paper for students, make sure your supply closet has everything you will need.
  • Create an organization calendar. Place this in an easy-to-spot area in your classroom so that every student can see what is expect of them.
  • Prepare for daily meetings and lectures. Make sure to jot down what you need to make your classroom successful. This should include your lecture notes and messages and homework to send home.

Using Custom Signs for Your Classroom

Get students excited about their education with classroom signs. Use them to encourage participation with motivational quotes and classroom rules. By hanging these custom signs behind your desk, you’ll have no trouble keeping students engaged throughout the school year.

Whether teaching in person or online, classroom signs will look great behind your desk, or anywhere they are easily visible. Customize each sign with text and graphics that remind your students why their education is essential. As they see these signs every day, they will stay motivated to pay attention and participate in class.

Going back to school and work is easier with award plaques for students and employees.

And remember that whether it’s for work or school, we have the award plaques, name tags and custom ribbons that you need to keep your students and employees motivated while doing their work.