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Lightweight Metal Chain for Badge Holders

Metal ball chain with a clasp to connect both ends.

Ideal for carrying work or school badges, lightweight metal chains are easy to use, inexpensive and highly durable. Pair them with our badge holders that have punched holes to create the perfect match.

Part Number: NWCHAIN01

MINIMUM ORDER: 25 metal chains

PRODUCTION: If you want your order shipped the same day, order Monday through Friday by 11 a.m. Mountain time (holidays excluded).

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Minimum Order: 25

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Product Specifications:

The metal chain is lightweight and easy to use. Once you insert the chain into the clasp, it forms about a 30 inch loop (size may vary slightly).

USING THE METAL CHAIN: The chain goes with badge holders that have punched holes located at the top. Put the chain through two holes then close the chain off using the metal clasp.

NOTE: Order badge holders separately.

instructions on how to use the metal chain with badge holders.

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PRICES INCLUDE: One lightweight metal ball chain.

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