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Metal Name Tags (Engraved Logo)

Engraved logo and text on a metal name tag.
A digital proof of your custom design will be sent for your approval. We maintain your unique layout for easy reordering.
Description and Specifications
Metal Name Tags with an engraved logo

Metal nametags (.02 inches thick) are laser engraved using your custom layout. The engraved text and logo will be the same color.

No minimum on reorders
Tag Sizes
standard sizes available for name badges
Minimum size: 0.75 x 2.75 inches | Maximum size: 12 square inches
Larger name tags/name plates may be ordered on the Name Plate Pages.
Material Color
material colors for laser engraved nameplates

No color guarantee is made by these images. If a color match is required, please request a sample.

Finish Style - Corners/Edges and Frames

All metal name tags without a frame will be produced with round corners.

*Classy Frames are available on name tags that are 0.75x2.75inch, 1x3 inches and 1.5x3 inches.

Classy Frames for Name Tags

Add $3.00 per tag

OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS: 0.75x2.75 inches

Name tags with frames will have rounded corners and no beveled edges.

Classy Frames for Name Tags

Add $3.00 per tag

GOLD AND SILVER (Outside dimensions): 1.125x3.125 inches

BLACK (Outside dimensions): 1x3.06 inches

Name tags with frames will have rounded corners and no beveled edges.

Classy Frames for Name Tags

Add $3.00 per tag


Name tags with frames will have rounded corners and no beveled edges.

Name Tag Fasteners
Magnet Fastener
Pin Double Clutch
Bulldog Clip Pin/Clip Combo Clip on a Strap Pocket Clip
Dome Surface
Protective Domed Surface
Without Dome With Dome

The dome surface protects your name tags from scratches and damage.

Add $3.50 per tag.

(Add 1 day to production if you select this option.)
Tag Design

You will receive a digital proof via email, showing a representation of your tag layout.

Follow these specs - Using the specs you outline on this order form, we'll create a design for your name tags and send you a digital proof for your approval.


To use a font that is not listed select 'Custom Font' in the drop down and enter the name of the font you would like to use. If your selected font is not in our system, you must provide us with a PC format font file or we can select a similar font.

Fonts for laser engraving
Online Design Tool
use the on-line design tool to assist in designing your tags.

You may use the Online Design Tool to give us an idea of your name tag design. Use the longest name and title from your list to experiment with the placement. We will use the image you've created as an aid to set up a digital proof that will be provided for your approval.

Design Requested - Our team of designers will set up your name tags to create a custom layout for your design.

Customer supplied layout - We cannot engrave directly from your file, but will follow your specifications as closely as possible. A digital proof showing the final tag design will be emailed to you for approval.

** NOTE **
Your order will be ON HOLD until we receive your artwork.
Logo Requirements

A designer will review your artwork and advise you if adjustments are required for the process you have selected. Additional charges may apply if changes to your artwork are necessary.

Vector art is the preferred format for all engraved products, however a high quality bitmapped image may be acceptable for full color products.

Vector Files: Illustrator (.ai), CorelDRAW (.cdr), PostScript (.eps)

Bitmap (Raster) Files: Image Files (.jpg , .gif, .png, .tif, .bmp), Photo-Paint (.ppt), Photoshop (.psd)

Image files that are embedded in a .doc or .pdf file may also be accepted if the embedded file is a vector file or high quality bitmap file.

It is not possible to convert a low quality image into a vector file simply by saving it in a vector format. When this is attempted, the low quality image is simply embedded in the new file and no conversion takes place. It is not possible to change a low quality image to a higher quality one simply by saving it with higher DPI settings. The image will have more dots per inch, but the quality will remain the same or even degrade further.

For your convenience, we offer an artwork clean-up/conversion process for $30 per image. You will be charged for this service even if an order is not completed. You may request the new file be sent to you upon payment of your order. Turnaround time is 24 hours and expedite is not available.

We welcome the use of PMS colors to communicate the colors you would like but do not guarantee a color match.

** NOTE **
Your order will be ON HOLD until we receive your artwork.
Number of Text Lines
Number of Text Lines

Every line of text on a name tag is counted separately.

Line 1: Glenna Widicker Gow


Line 3: - ProAlliance Professional -

List Submission

Lists must be prepared by the customer to our specifications. All names, titles, and other text that will be used in your order must be submitted in digital form. Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc. does not accept submissions via fax or verbally over the phone.

Enter text EXACTLY as you want it to appear on your product, including upper/lower case letters and punctuation. Lists must contain all text to be engraved. For duplicate tags, enter the text twice. Long lines of text may be condensed to fit the available space. Examples of correctly formatted one, two and three line lists are shown below.

Mark G.
Allison Meyers

Margaret Jones

Mark Gillam
Allison Meyers
Artistic Director
Happy Feet

Margaret Jones
Executive Assistant
Happy Feet

Proofread carefully! Your list will be used to engrave your product. Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc. is not responsible for lists that are formatted incorrectly or contain errors.

Coller Industries Inc. / Name Tag, Inc. will not edit your list. Lists not prepared to our specifications will be returned for correction, which may cause a delay in production.

Production and Shipping
Total Production and Delivery Time

A digital proof will be created and emailed to you within 4 business hours. Once an approved proof has been received, production will begin. Orders received after 11AM (MT) will be processed the next day.

Production times will vary depending upon product ordered, quantity ordered, and product requirements. Shipping methods, as available, may be selected once the product has been added to the shopping cart.

Proof Time + Production Time + Shipping = Total Time To Delivery

Requests for a 'Need By Date' may be indicated during the check out process. Once your order has been placed, a customer service representative will contact you, if necessary, to finalize any production/shipping details to meet your requested date. Additional charges will apply for any expedited needs.


Have you or your company ordered from us before?
Please visit the reorder page if you have ordered with us before or have any of the following items: a customer number, an existing layout, and/or a previous order number. Placing a reorder will allow for quicker processing, consistency between orders, and a reduction or elimination of the set-up fees required for a new order.

Price Calculator

As you configure your item, the price will be shown here.

All items marked with an asterisk are required.


A digital proof will be sent for your approval.
  A digital proof will be sent for your approval.
  We cannot engrave directly from your file, but will follow your specifications as closely as possible, a digital proof will be sent for your approval.  


PRICE INCLUDES: Plastic tag with an engraved logo, one line of engraved text and a standard fastener (pin, bulldog clip, or double clutch fastener). Shipping costs will be displayed in the shopping cart.

SET-UP FEE: $25.00 first order only. No set-up fee on reorders.

Less than 4 square inches
0.75x2.75", 1x3", 1x3.5", 1.25x3"
4-5 square inches
1.25x3.5", 1.5x3"
5-6 square inches
1.5x3.5", 1.75x3"
6-7 square inches

Additional Charges for Options and Upgrades

Round Corners with Beveled Edges$0.50$0.50$0.50$0.50$0.50$0.50Call
Classy Name Tag Frame$3.00$3.00$3.00$3.00$3.00$3.00Call
Domed Surface$3.50$3.50$3.50$3.50$3.50$3.50Call
Magnetic Fastener$1.00$1.00$1.00$1.00$1.00$0.96Call
Pin/Clip Fastener$1.50$1.50$1.30$1.10$1.00$0.93Call
Clear Pocket Clip$1.25$1.25$1.00$0.86$0.80$0.71Call

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