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Name Tag Fasteners (Bulk Orders)

(Deluxe Magnetic Fasteners, Pins, Pin/Clip Combo, Swivel Bulldog Clip, Clip On A Strap, Double Clutch)
Description and Specifications
Magnet Fastener
Pin Double Clutch
Bulldog Clip Pin/Clip Combo Clip on a Strap Pocket Clip Orders received after 11 AM (MT) will be processed the next day.
Deluxe Magnetic Fasteners
magnetic fasteners on your name tag consist of two parts

Deluxe magnetic fasteners are the highest quality fastener available. The strong magnets attach easily, even through thick clothing, while preventing holes and clothing damage.

DESCRIPTION: The magnetic fastener consists of two parts. A metal plate with indentations, which holds the magnet in place and can be adhered to the back of your product, and a plastic bar with two strong magnets, which can hold products through several layers of clothing.

SIZE: 1.75" wide x 0.50" high x 0.19" deep

DO NOT use magnetic fasteners with a pacemaker.
Pin Fasteners
pin fastener on the back of a name tag

Traditional and inexpensive, pin fasteners are easy to use. The strong adhesive backing attaches securely to many surfaces.

SIZE: 1.5" wide x 0.25" high x 0.31" deep

Double Clutch Fasteners
double clutch fastener on the back of a name tag

The military style fastener will keep your name tag in perfect position.

SIZE: 2.0" wide x 0.375" high x 0.50" deep

Swivel Bulldog Clips
swivel bulldog on the back of a name tag

Swivel bulldog clips are a less expensive alternative to magnets that will not poke holes in clothing.

SIZE: 0.75" wide x 1.25" high x 0.625" deep

Pin/Clip Combination Fasteners
pin/clip fastener on the back of a name tag

The pin/clip combination fastener offers the choice of pinning or clipping the name tag to clothing.

SIZE: 1.75" wide x 1" high x 0.19" deep

Clip On a Vinyl Strap
bull dog clip on a strap on a name tag

The plastic strap feeds through a slot punched in the name tag or photo ID card.

SIZE: 0.50" wide x 2.0 " long x 0.625" deep (strap length when unsnapped: 2.75 inches)

NOTE: Using a clip on a strap fastener requires a punched slot.

Pocket Clip
clear plastic pocket clip

The clip is attached to the back of a tag and then slipped onto the top of a shirt pocket.

SIZE: Front Panel: 1 x 2.875 inches | Back Panel: 2.125 x 2.875 inches


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25 fastener minimum  

Magnetic Fasteners include both the metal backing bar and the magnetic attachment. Orders received after 11 AM (MT) will be processed the next day.

Deluxe Magnetic Fastener$1.00$1.00$1.00$1.00$0.96$0.91Call
Pin Fastener$0.44$0.32$0.18$0.16$0.14$0.12Call
Double Clutch Fastener$0.75$0.60$0.48$0.43$0.38$0.33Call
Swivel Bulldog Clip Fastener$0.44$0.32$0.25$0.22$0.19$0.17Call
Pin/Clip Combo Fastener$1.50$1.30$1.10$1.00$0.93$0.87Call
Clip on a Strap Fastener$0.44$0.32$0.28$0.25$0.22$0.19Call
Pocket Clip$1.25$1.00$0.86$0.80$0.71$0.66Call

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