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event planning

Events, Meetings and Conventions

Event planning is a marketing tool used by organizations of all sizes to communicate with current and potential clients. It is the process of planning a festival, ceremony, competition, party, concert or convention. When an event is well organized, it essentially guarantees a good impression. This first impression is sure to leave a lasting impact. Whether your conference is big or small, the overall attendee experience needs to be good enough for them to want to come back next time.

Planning an Event


Badge Holder


When everyone is identified clearly at large events, it can help ease introductions so attendees can move on to more important things, such as business discussions and networking. An event planner needs to decide what type of identifying name tag is best suited for the event at hand.

Badge holders are an easy and cost effective solution for identifying large groups of people. They are easy to assemble and hand out to everyone who is attending an event. Badge holders make it easy to have extra on hand just in case they are needed on the event day.

If something a little classier is desired, but still looking for something quick and easy, try a speedy badge. They are simple to assemble and the inserts are printable. Customize each name tag as the guest arrives by hand writing a name on a tag or have them already assembled by using the guest list as a guide.


Badge Holder with a ribbon


Tell people more about each other at first glance with a highly personalized ribbon. Simply attach a ribbon to the name tag or badge to add a descriptive title or honor for the attendee. If there are prominent members or VIPs at the event, set them apart with a ribbon that reflects their importance or position.

By utilizing the proper tools such as name badges, holders and ribbons, the creativity can flow easier and create the perfect atmosphere for any event. These ribbons can also be used to differentiate guests and organizations from staff or volunteers. Ribbons can be customized to express any desired effect. Custom design a continuous ribbon roll with the theme of the event. Whatever the choice, the customization is sure to stand out with a personal flair.


Badge Holder with a ribbon and a lanyard


Trade shows and conventions are a great marketing terrain for customized lanyards and trade show organizers. They can be helpful in using and displaying schedules, passes and other event credentials. Lanyards can be used to secure items that are important and that the user does not want to lose. Handing out lanyards to newly arriving guests is also a great way to show them your appreciation.

Products with logos for events make the event unforgettable. Custom badge holders and promotional lanyards are great ways to introduce a company to prospective clients and event attendees. Conventions and trade shows can maximize the benefit of having logo and name exposure by including them on a trade show organizer. Between networking and socializing, these can really promote any idea to every one in attendance during the event.



Products for Events, Meetings and Conventions

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